• Jenny Thomas
    This is an introduction to pragmatics.
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  • How to Read a Poem (Paperback)
    Edward Hirsch
    In a reading of world poetry, including verse by Wallace ...
    From £10.94
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  • John Bowden
    Providing examples, tips and hints for confidence, this w...
    From £5.66
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  • Mick Short
    Examines how readers interact with literary works, how th...
    From £27.64
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  • Writing Poems (Paperback)
    Peter Sansom
    Drawing on his extensive experience of poetry workshops a...
    From £6.35
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  • Elaine Aston, George Savona
    A handbook explaining the relationship between the drama ...
    From £22.09
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  • Michele Zappavigna
    Social media such as microblogging services and social ne...
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  • Mythologies (Paperback)
    Roland Barthes
    Taking subjects as diverse as wrestling, films, plastic a...
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  • Working with Texts (Paperback)
    Ronald Carter, Maggie Bow...
    Introduces students to the main principles of language an...
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  • Deborah Schiffrin, Deborah...
    The articles collected in "The Handbook of Discourse Anal...
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  • Discourses in Place (Paperback)
    Ron Scollon, Suzie Wong S...
    This text argues that we can only interpret the meaning o...
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  • Marianne W. Jorgensen, Lou...
    Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method offers the first ...
    From £24.86
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  • A Lover's Discourse (Paperback)
    Roland Barthes
    `May be the most detailed, painstaking anatomy of desire ...
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  • Meaning in English (Paperback)
    Lesley Jeffries
    This accessible and lively introduction to semantics and ...
    From £22.75
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  • After Babel (Paperback)
    George Steiner
    This is the third edition of "After Babel", a controversi...
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  • Irene Heim, Angelika Kratzer
    The first overview of semantics within generative grammar...
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  • Pragmatics (Paperback)
    George Yule, H. G. Widdowson
    This is an introduction to pragmatics, the study of how p...
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  • Linguistic Semantics (Paperback)
    John Lyons
    This successor to Language, Meaning and Context provides ...
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