Phonetics, phonology

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  • J.C. Catford
    This title is an introduction to general phonetics which ...
    From £21.12
    Save £2.88
  • Richard Ogden
    This Bestselling textbook introduces undergraduates to th...
    From £15.59
    Save £4.40
  • Phonetics (Paperback)
    Martin J. Ball, Joan Rahilly
    Offers an explanation of the process of speech production...
    From £22.09
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  • You Say Potato (Paperback)
    Ben Crystal, David Crystal
    An authoritative, entertaining book about our accents, an...
    From £6.37
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  • Douglas King, David Drumr...
    Provides a foundation in anatomical and physiological pri...
    From £111.55
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  • Don Ringe, Ann Taylor
    This book, the second volume in A Linguistic History of E...
    From £77.06
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  • Phonology (Paperback)
    Philip Carr, Jean-Pierre ...
    The second edition of this successful introductory guide ...
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  • Adrian Room
    Provides a user-friendly pronunciation guide for over 12,...
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  • Michael Ashby, John Maidment
    This accessible textbook provides a clear and practical i...
    From £24.38
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  • Speech Sounds (Paperback)
    Patricia Ashby
    A guide to basic phonetic theory.
    From £15.96
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  • April M. S. McMahon
    This textbook introduces undergraduates to the basic tool...
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  • Larry Trask
    This dictionary covers central terms in the core areas of...
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  • Laurie Bauer
    Students of linguistics and English language with no prev...
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  • The Physics of Speech (Paperback)
    D. B. Fry
    This book provides a basic textbook for such courses as w...
    From £28.46
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  • Marklen E. Konurbaev
    This book applies phenomenological methodology to examine...
  • Southern Min (Hardback)
    Bit-Chee Kwok
    Southern Min refers to a group of Chinese dialects spoken...
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  • English Language (Paperback)
    Jonathan Culpeper, Paul K...
    The second edition of this hugely successful textbook pro...
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  • Linguistic Typology (Paperback)
    Jae Jung Song
    This textbook provides a critical introduction to major r...
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