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  • Sandor Hervey, Ian Higgins
    This new edition features material from business, law and...
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  • Associate Profe David L M...
    From £13.40
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  • Latino/A Biblical Hermeneutics (68) (Paperback / softback)
    Francisco Lozada Jr., Fer...
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  • Professor Jane Fenoulhet,...
    Dutch Translation in Practice provides an accessible and ...
    From £28.17
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  • Gabriela Saldanha, Sharon ...
    As an interdisciplinary area of research, translation stu...
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  • Brian Mossop
    Revising and Editing for Translators provides guidance an...
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  • Frederic Chaume, Sara Lav...
    An introductory textbook that provides a solid overview o...
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  • Jemina Napier, Rachel Lock...
    Provides an overview of the profession in Australia and N...
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  • Charlie Croker
    A sequel to the book "Lost in Translation".
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  • Lost in Translation (Paperback)
    Charlie Croker
    Lost in Translation features hundreds of genuine, utterl...
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  • Bible Translation (Paperback)
    Timothy Wilt
    Offers a broad-based, contemporary perspective on Bible t...
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  • After Babel (Paperback)
    George Steiner
    This is the third edition of "After Babel", a controversi...
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  • Psalm (Book 19) (Paperback)
    T. A. Perry
    From £11.23
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  • I am You (Hardback)
    Karl F. Morrison
    Important trends in contemporary intellectual life celebr...
    From £129.55
  • Douglas Robinson
    "A major new work in translation studies and comparative ...
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  • Eco-Translation (Paperback)
    Michael Cronin
    Ecology has become a central question governing the survi...
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  • Oliver D. Crisp, Fred San...
    The Voice of God in the Text of Scripture: Explorations i...
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  • Paul the Ancient Letter Writer (Paperback / softback)
    Jeffrey A D Weima
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