• Christopher Riopelle, Tim ...
    Australia's Impressionists focuses on the paintings of To...
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  • Orde Levinson
    This is an expanded and revised edition of Orde Levinson'...
    From £91.59
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  • Charles Tunnicliffe (Hardback)
    Robert Meyrick, Harry Heuser
    A detailed catalogue raisonne, presenting the print oeuvr...
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  • Edward Ardizzone (Hardback)
    Alan Powers
    The work of Edward Ardizzone, probably the best-known Bri...
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  • Soutine's Portraits (Paperback)
    Barnaby Wright, Karen Serres
    Chaim Soutine (1893-1943) produced some of the most power...
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  • Wyndham Lewis (Paperback)
    Richard Slocombe
    * Accompanies the first retrospective of Wyndham Lewis fo...
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  • Giacometti (Hardback)
    Frances Morris, Lena Frit...
    Alberto Giacometti is one of the few artists of the last ...
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  • Kim Sloan
    Focuses on the changing nature of the British countryside...
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  • Gay Gotham (Hardback)
    Donald Albrecht
    Uncovering the lost history of gay, lesbian, bisexual, an...
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  • Richard Slocombe
    Showcasing IWM's extensive collection, this book includes...
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  • Drawn in Colour (Hardback)
    Vivien Hamilton, Julien D...
    The Burrell Collection in Glasgow houses more than twenty...
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  • Degas (Hardback)
    Jane Munro
    A beautiful celebration of six decades of work by Edgar D...
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  • Dali/Duchamp (Hardback)
    Dawn Ades, Dr. William J...
    The first publication to explore the friendship between M...
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  • Stephen Jones, John Landis
    The ultimate guide to art used in the horror film genre, ...
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  • Barbara Hepworth (Paperback)
    Ms. Sophie Bowness
    Barbara Hepworth's work and ideas are illuminated in her ...
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  • Cynthia Hart
    From £12.20
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  • Fahrelnissa Zeid (Paperback)
    Kerryn Greenberg
    Fahrelnissa Zeid (1901-1991) was one of the most influent...
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  • Judith Mackrell
    The story of Venice's "Unfinished Palazzo"-- told through...
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