• Waiting for Godot (Paperback)
    Samuel Beckett
    'Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it's awful.'...
    From £6.88
    Save £3.11
  • The Lady in the Van (Paperback)
    Alan Bennett
    In 1974, the homeless Miss Shepherd moved her broken down...
    From £5.23
    Save £1.76
  • David Bevington, Lars Eng...
    The most extensive new collection in this field published...
    From £86.78
  • The Crucible (Paperback)
    Arthur Miller
    Shows how the small city of Salem is stirred into madness...
    From £6.54
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  • Restoration Drama (Paperback)
    David Womersley
    This new anthology provides seventeen key plays by twelve...
    From £29.44
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  • Sophocles, Robert Fagles, ...
    Free when packaged with any Damrosch World Literature title.
    From £7.00
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  • The Events (Paperback)
    David Greig
    When Claire, a priest, survives an atrocity she sets out ...
    From £6.88
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  • Oscar Wilde, Neil Bartlett
    This adaptation of Wilde's black-hearted masterpiece brin...
    From £7.36
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  • The Accrington Pals (Paperback)
    Peter Whelan
    A Modern Classic edition of this First World War play wit...
    From £10.33
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  • Tennessee Williams, E. Br...
    Fading southern belle Blanche Dubois depends on the kindn...
    From £7.09
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  • Market Boy (Paperback)
    David Eldridge
    Learn a good wind-up, learn the pull of cash, learn drugs...
    From £9.58
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  • The Duchess of Malfi (Paperback)
    John Webster, Monica Kendall
    Classic drama from Longman Literature
    From £11.11
  • Johannes Von Saaz, Michael...
    Written in the 15th century by Johannes Von Saaz, "Death ...
    From £9.20
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  • Kane: Complete Plays (Paperback)
    Sarah Kane, David Greig
    This volume contains the complete collection of Sarah Kan...
    From £16.16
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  • Death of a Salesman (Paperback)
    Arthur Miller
    Willy Loman is on his last legs.
    From £6.54
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  • Oedipus Plays (Paperback)
    Sophocles, Timberlake Wert...
    Get your A in gear!
    From £6.88
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  • The Ubu Plays (30) (Paperback)
    Alfred Jarry, Kenneth McL...
    The satirical farce now acclaimed as the touchstone for t...
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  • "Closer" (Paperback)
    Patrick Marber
    "Closer" is a play which views love and sex like politics...
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