• Matt Haig
    Warm, witty, honest and human, this book is a manifesto f...
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  • The Living Mountain (Paperback)
    Nan Shepherd, Robert Macf...
    Introduced by Robert Macfarlane
    From £5.41
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  • Richard Marsden
    A major reader of Old English, first published in 2004, w...
  • The Examined Life (Paperback)
    Stephen Grosz
    A Sunday Times bestsellerLonglisted for the Guardian firs...
    From £6.75
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  • The Debatable Land (Hardback)
    Graham Robb
    Sunday Times top-ten bestselling author Graham Robb turns...
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  • Brit(ish) (Hardback)
    Afua Hirsch
    Your parents are British.
    From £12.47
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  • Lost Connections (Hardback)
    Johann Hari
    What really causes depression and anxiety - and how can w...
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  • Everybody Lies (Hardback)
    Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
    Everybody lies, to friends, lovers, doctors, pollsters - ...
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  • Hannah Arendt
    'How could such a book speak so powerfully to our present...
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  • Fergus Fleming
    On 16 August 1952, Ian Fleming wrote to his wife, Ann, `M...
  • The Novel Cure (Paperback)
    Ella Berthoud, Susan Elde...
    A quirky popular reference book for literature lovers wea...
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  • Caitlin Doughty
    A fascinating look at the funeral industry and an explora...
  • Stephen Fay, David Kynaston
    For more than a quarter of a century after the Second Wor...
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  • Viv Albertine
    To Throw Away Unopened is a fearless dissection of one wo...
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  • Bernice Murphy, Stephen M...
    This groundbreaking collection provides students with a t...
    From £11.01
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  • Sea of Strangers (Paperback)
    Lang Leav
    Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav picks up from her previous ...
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  • Winter (Hardback)
    Karl Ove Knausgaard, Ingvi...
    The second volume in his autobiographical quartet based o...
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  • The Hidden Ways (Hardback)
    Alistair Moffat
    The Hidden Ways wanders Scotland's forgotten paths to tel...
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