• Revolution (Hardback)
    Natalia Murray, John E. B...
    An exploration of Russian art, design, and filmt, from it...
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  • An Artist's War (Hardback)
    Phyllida Shaw
    An Artist's War
    From £15.86
    Save £14.14
  • Ravilious & Co (Hardback)
    Andy Friend, Alan Powers
    A dynamic tale of art and friendship, set between the Wor...
    From £15.79
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  • Vanessa Bell (Paperback)
    Sarah Milroy
    In Spring 2017 Dulwich Picture Gallery will present the f...
    From £17.64
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  • Paul Hills, Ariane Bankes
    This book offers a concise and highly readable account of...
  • Ravilious (Paperback)
    James Russell
    Definitive guide to Ravilious' watercolours.
    From £17.64
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  • Tobias G. Natter
    Twisted brilliance The complete catalogue of Egon Schiele...
    From £70.82
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  • Queer British Art (Paperback)
    Clare Barlow
    In 1967, sex between consenting men in England and Wales ...
    From £21.57
  • From £10.42
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  • Micky Piller, Patrick Ell...
    Rediscover M.C.
    From £11.89
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  • Eric Ravilious (Hardback)
    Brian Webb, Peyton Skipwith
    Eric Ravilious: Design is the latest title in the award w...
    From £8.29
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  • The Two Roberts (Paperback)
    Adrian Clarke, Roger Bris...
    The 'Two Roberts': Robert Colquhoun (1914-1962) and Rober...
    From £9.59
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  • Richard Slocombe
    Showcasing IWM's extensive collection, this book includes...
    From £6.37
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  • Ten Americans (Hardback)
    The Zentrum Paul Klee, The ...
    Paul Klee's influence on a wide range of American artists...
    From £24.87
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  • True to Life (Paperback)
    Patrick Elliott, Sacha Ll...
    The only book of its kind, giving an overview of British ...
    From £12.97
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  • Ellen McBreen, Helen Burnham
    From £23.73
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  • Degas to Picasso (Paperback)
    Colin Harrison
    Including previously unpublished material and many works ...
    From £14.19
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  • De Lempicka (Hardback)
    Gilles Neret
    Freewheeling Tamara de Lempicka, icon of Art DecoTamara d...
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