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  • Richard Marsden
    A major reader of Old English, first published in 2004, w...
  • Alexander the Great (Paperback)
    Richard Stoneman
    Alexander the Great (356-323 B C E) precipitated immense ...
    From £11.25
    Save £1.74
  • Thorlac Turville-Petre
    This introduction provides the guidance that modern reade...
    From £22.24
    Save £5.75
  • Sophocles, Robert Fagles, ...
    Free when packaged with any Damrosch World Literature title.
    From £9.60
  • Adam Nicolson
    Longlisted for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fict...
    From £8.31
    Save £1.68
  • If Not, Winter (Paperback)
    Anne Carson
    * The definitive and ONLY complete translation of Sappho,...
    From £11.63
    Save £3.37
  • Andrew DeGraff
    Andrew DeGraff's stunningly detailed artwork takes reader...
    From £9.21
    Save £7.78
  • Reading Dante (Paperback)
    Prue Shaw
    The best and most eloqent introduction to Dante in our time.
    From £11.91
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  • The Iliad (Hardback)
    Homer, Peter Green
    One of the oldest extant works of Western literature, thi...
    From £19.08
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  • Peter Hainsworth, David R...
    This Very Short Introduction examines all the major aspec...
    From £6.00
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  • Martin Brett, David A. Wo...
    Scholars have long been interested in the extent to which...
    From £82.31
    Save £27.69
  • Daniel Mersey, Alan Lathwell
    Suitable for anyone who is interested in fantastical tale...
    From £7.85
    Save £4.14
  • Greek Anthology (Volume I: book 1) (Hardback)
    W. R. Paton
    "First published 1916"--title page verso.
    From £15.66
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  • Aaron Pelttari
    From £23.40
    Save £10.10
  • The Birth of Theory (Paperback)
    Andrew Cole
    Neither Marx nor Nietzsche first gave us theory - Hegel did.
    From £16.19
    Save £6.31
  • Laughter in Ancient Rome (71) (Hardback)
    Mary Beard
    What made the Romans laugh?
    From £19.08
    Save £5.87
  • T. M. Charles-Edwards
    The most detailed history of the Welsh from Late-Roman Br...
    From £27.33
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  • John Freely
    With unparalleled knowledge and passion, John Freely guid...
    From £13.64
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