Literary studies: c 1500 to c 1800

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  • 1606 (Hardback)
    James Shapiro
    Marking the forthcoming 400th anniversary of Shakespeare'...
  • Michel Eyquem de Montaigne...
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  • David Bevington, Lars Eng...
    The most extensive new collection in this field published...
  • Kathryn Sutherland
    This collection of essays offers an intimate history of A...
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  • A. R. Braunmuller, Michael...
    For this second edition, all the essays have been revised...
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  • Tristram Shandy (Paperback)
    Laurence Sterne, Howard A...
    This edition of "the most modern of eighteenth-century no...
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  • Black and Blur (Paperback)
    Fred Moten
    In Black and Blur-the first volume in his consent not to ...
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  • Avi S. Lifschitz, Michael ...
    Ever since its publication in 1766, Lessing's Laocoon, or...
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  • Professor Paula McDowell
    Just as today's embrace of the digital has sparked intere...
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  • Edmund Campion (Hardback)
    Gerard Kilroy
    Edmund Campion: A Scholarly Life is the response, at long...
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  • Amy Prendergast
    The eighteenth-century salon played an important role in ...
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  • Rebecca Warren
    This updated edition is ideal to support students when st...
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  • Nicolas Tredell
    This Guide offers a comprehensive survey of the key criti...
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  • Tamburlaine the Great (Paperback)
    Christopher Marlowe
    These "are the first plays that Christopher Marlowe wrote...
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  • Barbara Fuchs
    Amid thorny issues of translation and appropriation, impe...
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  • The Rover (Paperback)
    Aphra Behn, Robyn Bolam
    Aphra Behn was the first female professional writer in En...
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  • Alisdair Macrae
    No further information has been provided for this title.
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  • Richard Strier
    Who during the Renaissance could have dissented from the ...