• Aristophanes (Paperback)
    James Robson
    An introduction to the work of Aristophanes, one of the w...
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  • David Bevington, Lars Eng...
    The most extensive new collection in this field published...
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  • Sophocles, Robert Fagles, ...
    Free when packaged with any Damrosch World Literature title.
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  • The Accrington Pals (Paperback)
    Peter Whelan
    A Modern Classic edition of this First World War play wit...
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  • Tennessee Williams, E. Br...
    Fading southern belle Blanche Dubois depends on the kindn...
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  • The Duchess of Malfi (Paperback)
    John Webster, Monica Kendall
    Classic drama from Longman Literature
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  • A. R. Braunmuller, Michael...
    For this second edition, all the essays have been revised...
  • The Drama Handbook (Paperback)
    John Lennard, Mary Luckhurst
    A compact, wide-ranging, and accessible guide to reading ...
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  • Death of a Salesman (Hardback)
    Arthur Miller
    The "Heinemann Plays" series offers contemporary drama an...
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  • Elaine Aston, George Savona
    A handbook explaining the relationship between the drama ...
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  • Tragedy (Paperback)
    Sarah Dewar-Watson
    This Guide offers a comprehensive introduction to the key...
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  • Tamburlaine the Great (Part one and part two) (Paperback)
    Christopher Marlowe
    These "are the first plays that Christopher Marlowe wrote...
  • Gadda Goes to War (Paperback)
    Federica Pedriali
    When do we start going to war and why?
  • James Graham Plays: 1 (Paperback)
    James Graham
    This collection brings together four of Graham's most suc...
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  • J. A. E. Curtis
    A reissued edition of the definitive biography of Mikhail...
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  • Arthur Miller, Philip Seym...
    Eddie Carbone is a longshoreman and a straightforward man...
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  • All My Sons (Paperback)
    Arthur Miller, Christopher...
    In Joe and Kate Keller's family garden, an apple tree - a...
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  • The Duchess of Malfi (Paperback)
    John Fletcher, Prof. Leah...
    The Duchess of Malfi is a macabre, tragic play which is ...
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