Shakespeare studies & criticism

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  • 1606 (Hardback)
    James Shapiro
    Marking the forthcoming 400th anniversary of Shakespeare'...
  • Michel Eyquem de Montaigne...
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  • "Othello" (Paperback)
    William Shakespeare, E. A....
    This edition of "Othello" sheds light on the text of the ...
  • Romeo and Juliet (Paperback)
    William Shakespeare, John ...
    "The play plus a translation anyone can understand"--Cover.
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  • Harriet Walter
    Award-winning actress Dame Harriet Walter reflects on per...
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  • Othello (Paperback)
    William Shakespeare
    This legendary Shakespeare series features authoritative ...
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  • Charles Nicholl
    William Shakespeare and his contemporaries helped create ...
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  • Katherine Duncan-Jones
    Within Shakespeare's lifetime there was already some curi...
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  • Rebecca Warren
    This updated edition is ideal to support students when st...
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  • Joyce/Shakespeare (Hardback)
    Laura Pelaschiar
    Shakespeare's presence in Joyce's work is tentacular, ext...
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  • Nicolas Tredell
    This Guide offers a comprehensive survey of the key criti...
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  • Alisdair Macrae
    No further information has been provided for this title.
    From £5.98
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  • Why Lyrics Last (Hardback)
    Brian Boyd
    Why Lyrics Last turns an evolutionary lens on lyric verse...
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  • Julius Caesar (Paperback)
    William Shakespeare, Jonat...
    This fresh new edition of Julius Caesar, developed by and...
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  • The Comedy of Errors (Paperback)
    William Shakespeare, Jonat...
    This new edition of Shakespeare's anarchic comedy, develo...
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  • Shakesqueer (Paperback)
    Madhavi Menon
    Shakesqueer puts the most exciting queer theorists in con...
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  • Shakespeare on Toast (Paperback)
    Ben Crystal
    Who's afraid of William Shakespeare?
  • William Shakespeare, John ...
    This edition in The Oxford Shakespeare is the first full ...
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