Art & design styles: Modernist design & Bauhaus

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  • Gavin Stamp
    The first in what is a long-overdue illustrated biography...
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  • Adolf Loos (Hardback)
    August Sarnitz, Peter Gossel
    Adolf Loos (1870 1933) was a flamboyant character, whose ...
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  • Josiah McElheny, Christine...
    German writer, critic, and theorist Paul Scheerbart died ...
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  • Christopher Butler
    Whether we recognise it or not, virtually every aspect of...
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  • Julius Shulman (Hardback)
    Julius Shulman, Hunter Dr...
    Sheds light on some 300 forgotten architectural masterpie...
  • The Art of Football (Hardback)
    Michael Oriard
    Offers a singular look at early college football art and ...
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  • Itohan Osayimwese
    Considers the effects of colonialism, travel, and globali...
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  • Mexico 1900--1950 (Hardback)
    Agustin Arteaga
    Mexico 1900-1950 offers an unprecedented survey of Mexica...
  • The Guggenheim (Hardback)
    Francesco Dal Co
    The captivating tale of the plans and personalities behin...
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  • Harper Montgomery
    Many Latin American artists and critics in the 1920s drew...
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  • Patrick Rossler
    This innovative study considers one of the most important...
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  • Kevin D. Murphy
    This volume presents the first scholarly consideration of...
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  • New York Art Deco (Paperback)
    Anthony W. Robins
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  • Lesley Harding, Denise Mi...
    Brings fresh perspectives on the works of celebrated mode...
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  • Binning House (Hardback)
    Matthew Soules
    Taking a closer look at the primary influence on Canadian...
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  • Friedman House (Hardback)
    Richard Cavell
    Written to celebrate the saving of Friedman House: a hist...
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  • Merrick House (Hardback)
    Tony Robins, Michael Perl...
    'Merrick House' is an exhaustive documentation of one of ...
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  • John Graham (Paperback)
    Alicia G. Longwell, Karen ...
    This monograph explores how John Graham became an influen...
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