Art & design styles: Modernist design & Bauhaus

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  • Bomberg (Hardback)
    Sarah MacDougall, Rachel ...
    Major new title on the acclaimed by neglected early Briti...
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  • Gavin Stamp
    The first in what is a long-overdue illustrated biography...
    From £27.86
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  • Gio Ponti (Hardback)
    Graziella Roccella
    Architect, magazine editor, artist, academic: Gio Ponti's...
    From £7.74
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  • Saarinen (Hardback)
    Pierluigi Serraino
    From the ubiquitous Knoll "Tulip" chairs and tables to th...
    From £7.74
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  • Riichi Miyake
    With a meticulous sensibility for light and detail, the l...
    From £150.92
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  • Mackintosh (Hardback)
    Charlotte & Peter Fiell
    The work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh merged Scottish tra...
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  • Hans Engels, Axel Tilch
    Now available in an expanded and revised edition, this bo...
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  • Oswald Spengler, Kerry Bo...
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  • Superstructure (Hardback)
    Jane Pavitt, Abraham Thom...
    This publication is being released to coincide with the o...
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  • Lake Keitele (Hardback)
    Anne Robbins
    Published to accompany the exhibition Lake Keitele: a vis...
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  • domus 1930s (Hardback)
    Charlotte & Peter Fiell
    Discover domus' expert coverage from 1928 to 1939, an era...
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  • El Lissitzky (Hardback)
    Alexander Kantsedikas
    This title looks at El Lissitsky's little known early wor...
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  • Bauhaus Masterworks (Hardback)
    Flame Tree, Michael Robinson
    Bauhaus inherited the mantle of the Arts and Crafts movem...
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  • Muriel Cooper (Hardback)
    David Reinfurt, Robert Wi...
    The career of the pioneering designer Muriel Cooper, whos...
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  • Brutalist Boston Map (Paperback / softback)
    Chris Grimley, Mark Pasni...
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  • Hunter Drohojowska-Philp, ...
    The photographs of Julius Shulman offer one of the most c...
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  • Neutra (Hardback)
    Barbara Lamprecht, Peter ...
    Explore a unique blend of structure and surroundings in t...
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  • the Coop Principle (48) (Paperback / softback)
    Werner Moller, Claudia Pe...
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