First World War fiction

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  • Birdsong (Paperback)
    Sebastian Faulks
    Stephen Wraysford, a young Englishman, arrives in Amiens ...
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  • Wake (Paperback)
    Anna Hope
    Remembrance Day 1920: A wartime secret connects three wom...
    From £7.26
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  • Erich Maria Remarque
    In 1914 a room full of German schoolboys, fresh-faced and...
  • Charley's War (Hardback)
    Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun
    In September 1917, Charley is caught up in the mutiny by ...
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  • Charley's War (Hardback)
    Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun
    Returning to the front, Charley is reunited with old comr...
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  • Charley's War (Hardback)
    Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun
    As the winter of 1916 approaches, Charley is caught in a ...
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  • Charley's War (Hardback)
    Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun
    It's 1916, and Charley Bourne has lied about his age to e...
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  • A Farewell to Arms (Paperback)
    Ernest Hemingway
    A young American volunteers for the Italian ambulance ser...
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  • The Lost Soldier (Paperback)
    Diney Costeloe
    A young woman's fight to save a treasured war memorial un...
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  • The Great Swindle (Paperback)
    Pierre Lemaitre, Frank Wynne
    The Prix Goncourt-winning masterpiece by the writer who b...
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  • Monday's Child (Paperback)
    Linda Finlay
    *Loved this?
    From £6.14
  • Roux the Bandit (Paperback)
    Andre Chamson
    The story of Roux the Bandit, a French WWI deserter, who ...
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  • The Ballroom (Paperback)
    Anna Hope
    1911: Inside an asylum at the edge of the Yorkshire moors...
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  • Behind the Lines (Paperback)
    W. F. Morris
    WWI thriller adventure about a subaltern who when forced ...
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  • Pass Guard at Ypres (Paperback)
    Ronald Gurner
    Powerful story of the fate of a British platoon at Ypres,...
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  • Tipton (Paperback)
    Hilary Holladay
    From £11.86
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  • The Canal Bridge (Paperback)
    Tom Phelan
    "The best novel of love in the time of war since Cold Mou...
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  • War and Turpentine (Paperback)
    Stefan Hertmans, David McKay
    Shortly before his death at the age of 90, the author's g...
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