Art & design styles: Abstract Expressionism

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  • Helmut Friedel, Annegret ...
    Published to coincide with the reopening of the Lenbachha...
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  • Paul Crowther, Professor ...
    Traditional art is based on conventions of resemblance be...
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  • David Anfam, Susan Davidson
    From £26.40
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  • Courtney Martin, Mary Cam...
    From £40.82
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  • Mary Weatherford (Hardback)
    Robert Faggen, Katy Siege...
    The first major publication on the much-acclaimed contemp...
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  • Peter Voulkos (Paperback)
    Glenn Adamson, Elissa Auther
    "Peter Voulkos: The Breakthrough Years" is the first mono...
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  • Pollock (Hardback)
    Leonhard Emmerling
    Abstract action: The splattered oeuvre of a cultural icon...
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  • Mary Heilmann (Hardback)
    Lydia Yee, Briony Fer
    The catalogue to accompany a major solo presentation of t...
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  • Renate Weihager
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  • Art Brut in America (Paperback)
    Valerie Rousseau, Anne-Ime...
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  • Mark Rothko (Hardback)
    Christopher Rothko
    "The journey to understand the painting is also the journ...
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  • Christian Megert (Paperback)
    Volker Dieh
    Focus on the work of Informal Artist Christian Megert.
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  • David Anfam
    Taking into account a wealth of scholarship, this book ex...
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  • Bacon (Hardback)
    Luigi Ficacci
    Francis Bacon possessed the rare ability to transform unc...
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  • Rothko (Hardback)
    Jacob Baal-Teshuva
    Mark Rothko belongs to the generation of American artists...
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  • The Cube and the Face (Paperback)
    Georges Didi-Huberman
    Alberto Giacometti's 1934 Cube stands apart as a Swiss ar...
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  • Ben Nicholson (Hardback)
    Virginia Button
    Ben Nicholson (1894-1982) was one of the greatest British...
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  • Terry Frost (Hardback)
    Chris Stephens
    Terry Frost was one of Britain's great abstract painters.
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