• Contemporary France (Paperback)
    Jill Forbes, Nicholas Hew...
    Designed specifically for combined language and social sc...
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    Save £28.47
  • James Meek
    How the British government packaged and sold its people t...
    From £11.04
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  • Orientalism (161) (Paperback)
    Edward W. Said
    Surveys the history and nature of Western attitudes towar...
    From £8.94
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  • Patricia Potts
    In spite of the perceived differences between Eastern and...
    From £29.45
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  • Heretic (Hardback)
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    Continuing her journey from a deeply religious Islamic up...
    From £13.63
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  • Patrick Cockburn
    The essential "on the ground" report on the fastest growi...
    From £7.36
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  • Dimitris Ballas, Danny Do...
    This is the first human geography social atlas of Europe ...
    From £9.78
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  • How America Was Lost (Paperback)
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Even as the view of America as a rogue state consolidates...
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  • X (Paperback)
    Nahum Dimitri Chandler
    shows how a concern with the Negro s central to the socia...
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  • Harry T. Dimitriou, Ralph ...
    The twenty thematic chapters in this book provide a broad...
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  • Ruth Mandel
    Explores Germany's relation to the more than two million ...
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  • Tony Barnett, Alan W. Whi...
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  • Islamic Activism (Paperback)
    Quintan Wiktorowicz
    A broad survey and analysis of Islamic activist movements...
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  • Kamala Tiyavanich
    Features real-life stories about 19th and early 20th cent...
    From £15.04
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  • Contemporary France (Paperback)
    Catherine Fieschi, David J...
    Provides introduction to French society and institutions ...
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  • African Ceremonies (Hardback)
    Carol Beckwith, Angela Fi...
    The original edition of this work was in two volumes.
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  • Colin Matthew
    The 19th century was Britain's moment as a world power, n...
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  • Lorna Hutson
    This text offers 17 essays as an accessible introduction ...
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