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  • History Skills (Paperback)
    Mary Abbott, David Weigall
    History Skills provides clear and practical advice for st...
  • Robert Tombs
    If a nation is a group of people with a sense of kinship,...
  • History in Practice (Paperback)
    Ludmilla Jordanova
    History in Practice explores the discipline's breadth, it...
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  • The Houses of History (Paperback)
    Anna Green, Kathleen Troup
    An introduction to the major theoretical perspectives emp...
  • Sebastian Conrad
    Until very recently, historians have looked at the past w...
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  • Andrew Hass
    Why is the philosopher Hegel returning as a potent force ...
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  • Francis Fukuyama
    Boldly outlining the challenges and problems to face mode...
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  • Why History Matters (Paperback)
    John Tosh
    In this introduction to the practical application of Hist...
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  • Logics of History (Paperback)
    William H. Sewell
    In Logics of History, he reveals the shape such an engage...
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  • Time Maps (Paperback)
    Eviatar Zerubavel
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  • Rethinking History (Paperback)
    Keith Jenkins
    The perfect introduction to the discipline of history.
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  • Order and History (vol 4) (Vol 17) (Hardback)
    Michael Franz, Eric Voegelin
    The 4th volume in this study of the order of human existe...
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  • Sibling Action (Hardback)
    Stefani Engelstein
    Beginning in the late eighteenth century, Europeans embar...
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  • Boaz Shoshan
    The early Arab conquests pose a considerable challenge to...
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  • History Comes Alive (Hardback)
    M. J. Rymsza-Pawlowska
    For the majority of the twentieth century, Americans thou...
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  • Rory Naismith, David A. W...
    This book brings together new research that represents cu...
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  • Gunnar Thorvaldsen
    This book analyses the international development of the c...
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  • Historians on History (Paperback)
    John Tosh
    John Tosh's Reader begins with a substantial introductory...
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