• Mark Galeotti
    Focuses on the conflicts that traces the progress of the ...
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    Save £5.85
  • Philip S. Jowett, Stephen ...
    A guide to the armies that fought a devastating and decis...
    From £6.23
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  • Parmenides' Vision (Hardback)
    Stuart B. Martin
    This book intends to establish, against his numerous mode...
    From £41.20
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  • Dorset from the Sea (Hardback)
    Steve Belasco
    Many publications highlight the beauty of this area, both...
    From £9.65
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  • Dying for the Cause (Hardback)
    Tim Horgan
    The fascinating stories of the 161 Kerrymen who died figh...
    From £16.56
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  • Germany (Hardback)
    Neil MacGregor
    Over the years, a new German state came into being.
  • The Priest Hunters (Paperback)
    Colin Murphy
    Ireland in the aftermath of Cromwell - during this period...
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  • Martin Limon
    'East Yorkshire Village Visits' is a collection of thirty...
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  • R.Taggart Murphy
    Japan and the Shackles of the Past offers a penetrating o...
    From £18.89
  • Kenneth C Barnes
    The masthead of the Liberator, an anti-Catholic newspaper...
    From £27.47
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  • Becky Libourel Diamond
    The acclaimed story of a legendary meal prepared to settl...
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  • Alabama (Hardback)
    Edwin C. Bridges
    Alabama: The Making of an American State is a thorough, a...
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  • Carl Lane
    The staggering United States debt has a direct impact on ...
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  • The London Complaint (Paperback)
    From £8.62
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  • Baltimore Sports (Paperback)
    Daniel A. Nathan
    Chronicles the many ways that sports are an integral part...
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  • Corinth 1862 (Paperback)
    Dr Timothy B. Smith
    A panoramic new look at the critical role of Corinth, Mis...
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  • Dr Timothy B. Smith
    Offers the first full treatment of any secession conventi...
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  • J. W. Looney
    During the period from 1836 to 1874, the legal system in ...
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