• Mark Galeotti
    Focuses on the conflicts that traces the progress of the ...
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  • Philip S. Jowett, Stephen ...
    A guide to the armies that fought a devastating and decis...
    From £6.23
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  • Dorset from the Sea (Hardback)
    Steve Belasco
    Many publications highlight the beauty of this area, both...
    From £9.65
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  • Dying for the Cause (Hardback)
    Tim Horgan
    The fascinating stories of the 161 Kerrymen who died figh...
    From £16.56
    Save £12.94
  • Germany (Hardback)
    Neil MacGregor
    Over the years, a new German state came into being.
  • The Priest Hunters (Paperback)
    Colin Murphy
    Ireland in the aftermath of Cromwell - during this period...
    From £7.13
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  • Martin Limon
    'East Yorkshire Village Visits' is a collection of thirty...
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  • Dawn G. Marsh
    On July 28, 1797, an elderly Lenape woman stood before th...
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  • Audible States (Paperback)
    Nicholas Tochka
    During the heyday of Cold War cultural politics, state-sp...
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  • Lefty O'Doul (Hardback)
    Dennis Snelling
    From San Francisco to the Ginza in Tokyo, Lefty O'Doul re...
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  • Charline R. McCord, Judy H...
    Glorious moments from all of Mississippi's seasons in the...
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  • Jr. Rod Andrew
    Andrew Pickens (1739-1817), the hard-fighting South Carol...
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  • La Belle (Hardback)
    James E. Bruseth, Amy A. ...
    In 1995 underwater archaeologists discovered the wreck of...
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  • Beyond Control (Hardback)
    James F. Barnett
    A detailed chronicle of how the wild Mississippi will eve...
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  • Andrew Reekes
    Two famous late Victorian and early Edwardian men, Joseph...
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  • Ian Mortimer
    What would it really be like to live in Restoration Britain?
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  • The Alps (Hardback)
    Stephen O'Shea
    A blend of contemporary travelogue and historical narrati...
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  • Home Team (Hardback)
    Robert F. Garratt
    In 1957 Horace Stoneham took his Giants of New York baseb...
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