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  • The Great Sea (Paperback)
    David S. H. Abulafia
    Over the years, the Mediterranean Sea has been one of the...
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  • Argentine Forces in the Falklands (No. 250) (Paperback)
    Nicholas Van der Biji, Pau...
    Contrary to opinion expressed at the time, Argentine troo...
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  • The Tyrant's Writ (Hardback)
    Deborah Tarn Steiner
    Covering material as diverse as curse tablets, coins, tat...
    From £90.03
  • Anna Westerstahl Stenport,...
    This book offers a diverse and groundbreaking account of ...
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  • Frozen Empires (Hardback)
    Adrian Howkins
    Perpetually covered in ice and snow, the mountainous Anta...
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  • Lawrence Millman
    In addition, it is a prophetic admonition of the dehumani...
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  • Andrew Stuhl
    In recent years, journalists and environmentalists have p...
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  • Lenore Newman
    What is Canadian cuisine?
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  • Ben Maddison
    Between 1750 and 1920 over 15,000 people visited Antarctica.
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  • St Helena (Paperback)
    Trevor Boult
    Explores the fascinating maritime history of St Helena.
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  • Before Brasilia (Hardback)
    Mary C. Karasch
    Before Brasilia offers an in-depth exploration of life in...
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  • David Welky
    A remarkable true story of adventure, betrayal and surviv...
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  • Polaris (Paperback)
    Emil Bessels, William Barr
    Emil Bessels was chief scientist and medical officer on G...
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  • Border Flows (Paperback)
    Lynne Heasley, Daniel Mac...
    Declining access to fresh water is one of the twenty-firs...
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  • Ice Bear (Paperback)
    Michael Engelhard
    Prime Arctic predator and nomad of the sea ice and tundra...
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  • Peter Calvert
    The purpose of this book is to give an accurate and schol...
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  • Eleanor Rosamund Barraclou...
    Wide-ranging look at mysterious and misunderstood aspects...
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  • Peder Roberts, Lize-Marie ...
    The continent for science is also a continent for the hum...
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