• Lion Rampant (8) (Paperback)
    Daniel Mersey, Mark Stacey
    Suitable for players who wish to collect medieval miniatu...
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  • The Varangian Guard 988-1453 (No. 459) (Paperback)
    Raffaele D'Amato, Giu...
    The Varangian Guards were Viking mercenaries who operated...
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    Save £3.74
  • Peer Sylvester, Peter Dennis
    King Arthur is dead.
  • Lewes and Evesham 1264-65 (285) (Paperback)
    Richard Brooks, Graham Tu...
    At the crescendo of the Second Barons' War were the battl...
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  • John Pohl, Gerry Embleton
    Most studies of medieval warfare in the late 14th and 15t...
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  • Mamluk `Askari 1250-1517 (173) (Paperback)
    David Nicolle, Peter Dennis
    With new archaeological material and research, this is an...
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  • Richard Brooks
    In 1217 England was facing her darkest hour, with foreign...
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  • John Ashdown-Hill
    Edward's private world is revealed in this exciting new w...
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  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown explores a revolutionary shift in thinking ab...
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  • Medieval Monsters (Hardback)
    Damien Kempf, Maria L. Gi...
    Medieval Monsters shows how strange creatures sparked art...
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  • The Dublin King (Hardback)
    John Ashdown-Hill
    A year after Richard III's death, a boy claiming to be a ...
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  • Maria Caulfield
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  • Knights Templar (Paperback)
    Graeme Davis, Darren Tan
    Based on the notes of the deceased historian, Dr Emile Fo...
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  • Henry IV (Paperback)
    Chris Given-Wilson
    Henry IV (1399-1413), the son of John of Gaunt, duke of L...
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  • Hunting Picts (Paperback)
    Jane Geddes
    The Pictish stones uncovered at St Vigeans are an astound...
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  • Anthony Goodman
    A new account of the life and turbulent times of Joan, th...
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  • Medievalism (Paperback)
    Michael Alexander
    Now reissued in an updated paperback edition, this ground...
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  • Beata Mozejko
    New Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Poland and Prussi...
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