Industrialisation & industrial history

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  • Forces of the Hanseatic League (494) (Paperback)
    David Nicolle, Gerry Embl...
    The Hanseatic League was a commercial and defensive feder...
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  • Fire and Steam (Paperback)
    Christian Wolmar
    Now in paperback, Fire and Steam tells the dramatic story...
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  • Marilyn Palmer
    This book brings together many years of research on the i...
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  • The Filth of Progress (Paperback)
    Ryan Dearinger
    For more than a century, accounts of progress in the West...
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  • Windmills of Norfolk (Paperback)
    John Ling
    A fascinating in-depth study of of Norfolk's windmills, p...
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  • Katie Carmichael, David M...
    This book is an introduction and guide to Luton's hatting...
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  • David Sim
    This detailed study of the Roman iron industry, focusing ...
  • From Dawn Til Dust (Paperback)
    Tony O'Connor
    London, like most cities in the world, generates a vast a...
  • Tri-Ang Toys (684) (Paperback)
    Kenneth Brown
    Suitable for collectors and those who used to play with T...
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  • The British Toy Industry (No. 624) (Paperback)
    Kenneth Brown
    Toys have been made in Britain for hundreds of years, but...
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  • The British Motor Industry (No. 584) (Paperback)
    Jonathan Wood
    Offers explanations as to why motor manufacturing followe...
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  • John Christopher
    Responsible for some of the most magnificent industrial a...
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  • The Felt Industry (No. 576) (Paperback)
    Peter Walter
    The woollen felt industry has now virtually disappeared, ...
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  • Corn Milling (No. 98) (Paperback)
    Martin Watts
    Corn milling - the reduction of hard cereal grains to for...
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  • Ironmaking (Paperback)
    Richard Hayman
    Iron was the catalyst of the Industrial Revolution - the ...
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  • Selling Power (Hardback)
    John L. Neufeld
    We remember Thomas Edison as the inventor of the incandes...
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  • Professor Daniel Nelson
    In 1900 the manufacture of rubber products in the United ...
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  • William L. Blackwell
    Since Russian tradition and institutions resemble those o...
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