• J. J. Lowe, Michael J. C. ...
    The evidence has been extremely diverse, ranging from lan...
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  • Tom Harper
    This book will tell a global story of the most turbulent ...
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  • On The Map (Paperback)
    Simon Garfield
    From the early sketches of philosophers and explorers thr...
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  • The Debatable Land (Hardback)
    Graham Robb
    Sunday Times top-ten bestselling author Graham Robb turns...
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  • Landmarks (Hardback)
    Robert Macfarlane
    Travelling from Cumbria to the Cairngorms, and exploring ...
  • The Human Planet (Paperback)
    Simon Lewis, Mark A. Maslin
    Meteorites, methane, mega-volcanoes and now human beings;...
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  • Risen from Ruins (Hardback)
    Paul Stangl
    In the aftermath of the Second World War, Berliners grapp...
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  • Lost Countries (Hardback)
    Stuart Laycock
    Lost Countries explores the history of those countries th...
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  • John Moore
    A unique history of the River Clyde and the communities a...
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  • Great Maps (Hardback)
    Jerry Brotton
    Why do we put north at the top of maps?
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  • River Of Darkness (Hardback)
    Buddy Levy
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  • The Great Map (Hardback)
    Roy William
    William Roy surveyed the whole of Scotland, producing an ...
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  • Hermann Kinder, Werner Hi...
    Covers events from the beginning of world history to the ...
  • Hermann Kinder, Werner Hi...
    Part of the "Penguin Atlas of World History" series, whic...
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  • Richard J. A. Talbert
    Spans archaic Greece to the Late Roman Empire, and no mor...
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  • Kim C. Leslie, Brian Short
    An historical atlas of Sussex
  • Fields, Hedges and Ditches (21) (Paperback)
    Nigel Harvey
    The fields of the cultivated rural landscape are the resu...
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  • Paul Pillar
    Paul R.
    From £21.17