• Daniel Mersey, Peter Dennis
    A set of wargaming rules for colonial conflicts, combinin...
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  • Nile River Gunboats 1882-1918 (239) (Paperback)
    Angus Konstam, Peter Dennis
    The first illustrated book about the Nile river gunboats,...
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  • The Conquerors (Hardback)
    Roger Crowley
    Drawing on extensive first-hand accounts, this book explo...
  • Orientalism (Paperback)
    Edward W. Said
    Surveys the history and nature of Western attitudes towar...
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  • The Making of Europe (Paperback)
    Robert Bartlett
    A wave of internal conquest, settlement and economic grow...
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  • Thicker Than Water (Paperback)
    Cal Flyn
    Cal Flyn was very proud when she discovered that her ance...
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  • Eurafrica (Paperback)
    Peo Hansen, Stefan Jonsson
    In order to think theoretically about our global age it i...
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  • Anna Greenwood, Harshad T...
    This ground-breaking book offers unique insights into the...
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  • A Box of Sand (Paperback)
    Charles Stephenson
    This is the first book in the English language to offer a...
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  • Point Pleasant 1774 (273) (Paperback)
    John F. Winkler, Peter De...
    The only major conflict of Lord Dunmore's War, the battle...
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  • Alexis Rappas
    Why has the unification of Cyprus proved impossible?
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  • Unfinished Empire (Paperback)
    John Darwin
    Offers a both controversial and comprehensive historical ...
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  • Pankaj Mishra
    Tells the history of the past two centuries, showing how ...
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  • The Boer War (Paperback)
    Denis Judd, Keith Terrance...
    The Boer War of 1899-1902 was an epic of heroism and bung...
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  • A Line in the Sand (Paperback)
    James Barr
    "First published in Great Britain in 2011 under the title...
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  • Linda Tuhiwai Smith
    A call by an indigenous researcher for the decolonizing o...
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  • Rosemary Rees
    Written by experienced examiners and teachers, and tailor...
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  • Stuart Reid, Gerry Embleton
    Contrary to popular belief, the capture of India was not ...
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