• War and Genocide (Paperback)
    Martin Shaw
    This comprehensive introduction to the study of war and g...
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  • Winston G. Ramsey
    In the 12 years that the National Socialist Party was in ...
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  • Philip Gourevitch, Rory S...
    All at once, as it seemed, something we could have only i...
    From £6.91
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  • Geoffrey Robertson
    Geoffrey Robertson QC tackles the most controversial ques...
  • Robert McCormick
    This is a new account of US foreign policy towards one of...
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  • On Western Terrorism (Paperback)
    Noam Chomsky, Andre Vltchek
    A controversial and provocative new intervention from the...
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  • Worse Than War (Paperback)
    Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
    A landmark book about genocide from the prize-winning aut...
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  • A People Betrayed (Paperback)
    Linda Melvern
    Events in Rwanda in 1994 mark a landmark in the history o...
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  • An Ordinary Man (Paperback)
    Paul Rusesabagina
    The autobiography of the man whose natural courage was ma...
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  • Timothy Longman
    A critical exploration of the steps taken to promote peac...
    From £74.60
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  • Timothy Longman
    A critical exploration of the steps taken to promote peac...
  • The Vanquished (Paperback)
    Robert Gerwarth
    'A breathtaking, magisterial panorama, telling the epic s...
    From £7.68
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  • The Lima Inquisition (Paperback)
    Ana E. Schaposchnik
    A deeply researched history of the Inquisition in Peru, f...
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  • An American Genocide (Paperback)
    Benjamin Madley
    The first full account of the government-sanctioned genoc...
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  • Blue Self-Portrait (Paperback)
    Noemi Lefebvre, Cecile Me...
    A contemporary novel of angst and high farce, "Blue Self-...
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  • Samuel Totten, Henry Ther...
    At the heart of the field of Genocide Studies lies an act...
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  • Jurgen Zimmerer
    Climate change caused by human activity is the most funda...
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  • Examining Genocides (Paperback)
    Michael P. Jasinski
    Exploring case studies that cover various levels and inst...
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