• Eichmann in Jerusalem (Paperback)
    Hannah Arendt
    A report on the trial of German Nazi SS leader Adolf Eich...
    From £8.19
    Save £2.80
  • Child of Our Time (Hardback)
    Ruth David
    Plucked from rural Germany, after witnessing the horror o...
    From £14.94
    Save £7.56
  • The Book Smugglers (Hardback)
    David E. Fishman
    The Monuments Men for book lovers
    From £17.73
    Save £10.27
  • The Holocaust (Paperback)
    Laurence Rees
    From £9.21
    Save £1.78
  • The Holocaust (Hardback)
    Laurence Rees
    'Groundbreaking ...
    From £17.64
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  • KL (Hardback)
    Nikolaus Wachsmann
    The first definitive history of the Nazi concentration ca...
  • Otto Dov Kulka
    As a child, the distinguished historian the author was se...
  • The Law of Blood (Hardback)
    Johann Chapoutot, Miranda ...
    The scale and depth of Nazi brutality seem to defy unders...
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  • Jonathan Dean
    'Human and curious . . . an admirable family memoir of mi...
    From £6.87
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  • In Broad Daylight (Hardback)
    Father Patrick Desbois, An...
    The Untold Story of How the Murder of More Than Two Milli...
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  • My Opposition (Hardback)
    Friedrich Kellner, Robert ...
    A unique account of everyday life under the Third Reich a...
    From £20.81
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  • David Bolchover
    An extraordinary and compelling account of the life of fo...
  • Sobibor Death Camp (Paperback)
    Frank McDonough
    The Sobibor Death Camp was the second extermination camp ...
    From £27.93
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  • Ordinary Jews (Hardback)
    Evgeny Finkel
    How Jewish responses during the Holocaust shed new light ...
    From £16.31
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  • Auschwitz (Paperback)
    Perry Buck
    Auschwitz: The Complete Guide brings the history, cultura...
  • Black Earth (Hardback)
    Timothy Snyder
    We have come to see the Holocaust as a factory of death, ...
  • The Orpheus Clock (Paperback)
    Simon Goodman
    Simon Goodman's grandparents came from German-Jewish bank...
    From £10.01
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  • Gone to Ground (Hardback)
    Marie Jalowicz-Simon, Iren...
    Berlin 1941.
    From £10.85
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