First World War

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  • Alistair McCluskey, Peter ...
    From 26 September until 8 October 1918, the Allied armies...
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  • Railway Guns of World War I (249) (Paperback)
    Marc Romanych, Steve Noon...
    World War I was the Golden Age of the railway gun.
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  • Adam Hook, Stephen Bull
    In 1917 the soldiers of the Canadian Corps would prove t...
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  • The `Broomhandle' Mauser (58) (Paperback)
    Jonathan Ferguson, Peter ...
    At a time when most handguns were limited to six rounds, ...
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  • Maginot Line Gun Turrets (250) (Paperback)
    Clayton Donnell, Donato S...
    The Maginot Line was one of the most advanced networks of...
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  • Ryan K. Noppen, Paul Wright
    Drawing on technical illustrations and exhaustive researc...
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  • Gunboats of World War I (221) (Paperback)
    Angus Konstam, Paul Wright
    From the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, from the Balkans...
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  • Ottoman Navy Warships 1914-18 (227) (Paperback)
    Ryan K. Noppen, Paul Wright
    Presents an appraisal of the technical aspects and operat...
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  • The British Army in World War I (Bk. 1) (No. 391) (Paperback)
    Mike Chappell
    This volume covers the pre-war British Army that became t...
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  • The Anti-Tank Rifle (60) (Paperback)
    Steven J. Zaloga, Johnny ...
    The emergence of the tank in World War I led to the devel...
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  • An Artist's War (Hardback)
    Phyllida Shaw
    An Artist's War
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  • Robert Forczyk, Adam Hook
    The Eastern Front of World War I is sometimes overshadowe...
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  • Jon Guttman, Harry Dempse...
    A remarkable number of British, French and German two-sea...
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  • Jon Guttman, Jim Laurier
    When Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin's rigid airship LZ 1 fle...
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  • Philip Jowett, Stephen Walsh
    A guide to the armies that fought a devastating and decis...
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  • Norman Friedman
    A radically different interpretation of the First World W...
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  • The German Army in World War I (Pt. 1) (No. 394) (Paperback)
    Nigel Thomas, Gerry Embleton
    The first of a three-part study of the organization, unif...
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  • Germany Ascendant (Hardback)
    Prit Buttar
    Examines the critical events of 1915, as the German Gorli...