• T-64 Battle Tank (223) (Paperback)
    Steven Zaloga, Adam Tooby...
    The T-64 tank was the most revolutionary design of the wh...
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  • Mark Galeotti
    Focuses on the conflicts that traces the progress of the ...
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  • Andrew J. Brookes, Chris ...
    From its first public demonstration at the Farnborough Ai...
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  • Alexander Mladenov, Roland...
    Details the technical features and operational performanc...
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  • The British Army Since 2000 (202) (Paperback)
    James Tanner, Peter Dennis
    Traces the major transformations in British Army doctrine...
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  • Certain Death in Sierra Leone (No. 10) (Paperback)
    Will Fowler, Mariusz Kozik
    In September 2000 the notorious militia gang, 'West Side ...
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  • Modern African Wars 5 (5) (Paperback)
    Philip S. Jowett, Raffaele...
    For two and a half years, and against all odds, the Biafr...
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  • Gregory Fremont-Barnes
    The Soviet invasion of its neighbour Afghanistan in Decem...
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  • Neil Grant, Peter Dennis
    The 1st Battalion, The Rhodesian Light Infantry, was one ...
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  • Neil Robinson, Martin Derry
    An exciting new addition to the Flight Craft series, this...
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  • Andrew J. Brookes, Chris ...
    The RAF's first Cold War strategic bomber, the Vickers Va...
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  • Bush Wars (6) (Paperback)
    Ambush Alley Games, Ramiro...
    With its many tribal, political, religious, and cultural ...
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  • Modern Snipers (Hardback)
    Leigh Neville
    The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have seen the rise of th...
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  • Leigh Neville
    Within weeks of 9/11, United States Special Operations Fo...
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  • Riot Control Vehicles (219) (Paperback)
    Chris McNab, Ian Palmer
    Explores the world of these vehicles from 1945 through to...
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  • Jaguar Boys (Hardback)
    Ian Hall
    Originally intended as a trainer, the Anglo-French Sepeca...
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  • Martin Bunton
    The conflict between Palestine and Israel is one of the m...
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  • The Centurion Tank (Paperback)
    Pat Ware, Brian Delf
    * In-depth illustrated history of one of the most success...
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