• Gary Wetzel, Jim Laurier
    Featuring numerous first-hand accounts and photography fr...
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  • Leigh Neville, Peter Dennis
    Fighting an elusive and dangerous enemy far from home, th...
    From £7.23
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  • The British Army Since 2000 (202) (Paperback)
    James Tanner, Peter Dennis
    Traces the major transformations in British Army doctrine...
    From £7.23
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  • FN Minimi Light Machine Gun (53) (Paperback)
    Chris McNab, Johnny Shuma...
    A fully illustrated account that explores the origins, de...
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  • Gary Wetzel, Jim Laurier
    The A-10 was never a favourite amongst the USAF's senior ...
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  • Lon O. Nordeen, Jim Laurier
    In the 1970s the USMC bought the AV-8A Harrier from the U...
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  • Danger Close (Paperback)
    Stuart Tootal
    A compelling and human portrait of modern war.
    From £10.43
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  • Leigh Neville
    Within weeks of 9/11, United States Special Operations Fo...
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  • An Intimate War (Hardback)
    Mike Martin
    A striking insight into how well-meaning outsiders have r...
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  • Left of Bang (Paperback)
    Steven Pressfield
    From £8.61
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  • High Command (Hardback)
    Christopher L. Elliott
    Why didn't the British Military high command achieve much...
  • Sniper in Helmand (Paperback)
    James Cartwright
    The first account by a trained sniper in Afghanistan. Po...
    From £5.91
    Save £3.08
  • Lone Survivor (Paperback)
    Marcus Luttrell, Patrick ...
    It was a top-secret US military mission.
    From £8.03
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  • Killing Bin Laden (45) (Paperback)
    Peter Panzeri, Johnny Shu...
    On May 2, 2011 a ten-year manhunt drew to a deadly end as...
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  • Kandak (Paperback)
    Patrick Hennessey
    When the author returned home from Afghanistan, he left b...
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  • Barnett R. Rubin
    One of our foremost authorities on modern Afghanistan, Ba...
    From £22.38
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  • Soldier Box (Hardback)
    Joe Glenton
    A brave account of a soldier who refused to return to Afg...
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  • Death Of A Soldier (Hardback)
    Margaret Evison
    An important and evocative addition to the debate on the ...
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