• SA80 Assault Rifles (Paperback)
    Neil Grant, Alan Gillilan...
    SA80 infantry weapons have been the British Army s primar...
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  • Modern Snipers (Hardback)
    Leigh Neville
    The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have seen the rise of th...
    From £12.86
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  • Lon O. Nordeen, Jim Laurier
    The AV-8B Harrier was, and still is, the only tactical ai...
    From £8.14
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  • Fallujah (7) (Paperback)
    Ambush Alley Games, Ramiro...
    Operations Vigilant Resolve and Phantom Fury - the operat...
    From £9.42
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  • Road to Baghdad (No. 1) (Paperback)
    Ambush Alley Games, Ramiro...
    Road to Baghdad gives Force on Force players all the info...
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  • It's What I Do (Hardback)
    Lynsay Addario
    A heart-pounding, inspirational memoir from photographer ...
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  • Patrick Cockburn
    The essential "on the ground" report on the fastest growi...
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  • High Command (Hardback)
    Christopher L. Elliott
    Why didn't the British Military high command achieve much...
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  • Investment in Blood (Paperback)
    Frank Ledwidge
    A follow-up to Losing Small Wars, this book analyses the ...
    From £8.61
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  • Special Operations Patrol Vehicles (No. 179) (Paperback)
    Leigh Neville, Richard Ch...
    "Special Operations Patrol Vehicles: Afghanistan and Iraq".
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  • Hesitation Kills (Hardback)
    Jane Blair
    This riveting memoir is the first book written by a femal...
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  • Mission (Paperback / softback)
    Ben Morton, Martyn Pentecost
  • Frederic Bozo
    In March 2003, the United States and Great Britain invade...
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  • What Have We Done (Hardback)
    David Wood
    From Pulitzer Prize--winning journalist David Wood, a bat...
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  • David M. Blum, J. Edward ...
    This book details the intellectual and bureaucratic chall...
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  • War is Not a Game (Paperback)
    Nan Levinson
    War Is Not a Game tells the story of this new soldiers' a...
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  • Aftermath (Paperback)
    Carol McCusker
    After years of researching, looking, and thinking about t...
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  • Retire the Colors (Paperback / softback)
    Dario DiBattista, Brian C...
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