Archaeological theory

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  • Rob Collins
    Examining Hadrian's Wall and the Roman frontier of northe...
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  • R. T. J. Cappers, R. M. B...
    The taxonomic identification of individual seeds and frui...
    From £28.65
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  • Rough Cilicia (Hardback)
    Michael C. Hoff, Rhys F. ...
    From £46.78
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  • Public Archaeology (Paperback)
    Nick Merriman
    Discoveries, protests over the destruction of sites and d...
    From £22.83
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  • Julian Henderson
    Featuring sections on a range of materials including cera...
    From £22.83
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  • Captives (Hardback)
    Catherine M. Cameron
    In Captives: How Stolen People Changed the World archaeol...
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  • Willeke Wendrich
    Apprenticeship is broadly defined as the transmission of ...
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  • Roberta Gilchrist
    Medieval Archaeology has developed as a distinctive acade...
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  • Leslie B. Davis, Brian O. ...
    One of a series of more than 20 volumes resulting from th...
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  • Animals into Art (Paperback)
    Howard Morphy
    This book is one of a series of volumes resulting from th...
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  • Calvin (Hardback)
    Michael Mullett
    In this lucid and readable study, Michael Mullet explains...
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  • Ecotherapy (Hardback)
    Howard Clinebell
    This trailblazing book sheds light on humankind's most se...
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  • Peter N. Peregrine
    First published in 1996.
    From £24.36
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  • Camera | Kalaureia (Paperback)
    Yannis Hamilakis, Fotis I...
    How can we find alternative, sensorially rich and affecti...
  • Beth Preston
    This book focuses on material culture as a subject of phi...
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  • The Political Museum (Paperback)
    Theopisti Stylianou-Lamber...
    This engaging volume reveals how politics permeates all f...
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  • History of Archaeology: International Perspectives (Volume 11 / Sessions A8B, A4A and A8A) (11) (Paperback)
    Margarita Diaz-Andreu, Fra...
    The present volume gathers the communications of the thre...
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  • Moshe Gammer
    The studies in this volume originated from an internation...
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