• Ian Craib
    Providing an account of the key ideas of classical social...
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  • G. E. M. Anscombe, Mary G...
    From £15.13
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  • Think (Paperback)
    Simon Blackburn
    This is a book about the big questions in life: knowledge...
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  • Roger Crisp
    This book introduces and assesses Mill's life and the bac...
    From £15.96
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  • David Hume, Eric Steinberg
    A landmark of Enlightenment thought, Hume's Enquiry Conce...
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  • Richard Rorty, Michael Wi...
    Includes the previously unpublished essay "The philosophe...
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  • Giorgio Agamben
    This single book brings together for the first time all n...
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  • Heretics! (Paperback)
    Steven Nadler, Ben Nadler
    An entertaining, enlightening, and humorous graphic narra...
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  • Achille Mbembe, Laurent D...
    Eminent critic Achille Mbembe reevaluates history and rac...
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  • A Third Collection (16) (Hardback)
    Bernard Lonergan, Lonergan...
    A Third Collection contains fifteen papers, written betwe...
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  • Terry Eagleton
    New observations on the persistence of God in modern time...
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  • Action Philosophers (Hardback)
    Fred Lente
    Study the tenets of Plato, the wrestling superstar from a...
  • Universe of Things (30) (Paperback)
    Steven Shaviro
    From the rediscovery of Alfred North Whitehead's work to ...
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  • On Resistance (Hardback)
    Howard Caygill
    A brilliant overview of the history of theories of resist...
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  • Warren Montag
    This thoroughgoing reevaluation of Louis Althusser's phil...
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  • Lifeworlds (Paperback)
    Michael Jackson
    Seeking the truths that are found in the interstices betw...
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  • Political Philosophy (Paperback)
    Michael White
    This historical survey of political philosophy explores t...
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  • Terrorist's Creed (Paperback)
    Roger Griffin
    Terrorist's Creed casts a penetrating beam of empathetic ...
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