Western philosophy: Medieval & Renaissance, c 500 to c 1600

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  • The Complete Essays (Paperback)
    Michel Montaigne, M. A. S...
    Containing various essays, this work discusses subjects a...
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  • John N. Martin
    Were the most serious philosophers of the millennium 200 ...
    From £30.47
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  • Thinking About Love (Paperback)
    Diane Enns, Antonio Calcagno
    A collection of essays exploring the nature and experienc...
    From £17.49
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  • The Birth of Theory (Paperback)
    Andrew Cole
    Neither Marx nor Nietzsche first gave us theory - Hegel did.
    From £16.19
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  • Moral Emotions (Paperback)
    Anthony J. Steinbock
    Builds on the philosophical theory of persons begun in Ph...
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  • Aquinas (Paperback)
    Edward Feser
    In this multifaceted introduction to the renowned thinker...
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  • Paul J. J. M. Bakker, Prof...
    Traces the historical roots of the cognitive sciences and...
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  • Adam Smith, Knud Haakonss...
    A 2002 edition of Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments...
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  • The Alchemy of Light (10) (Hardback)
    Urszula Szulakowska
    This re-examination of alchemical engravings of the late ...
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  • The Adventure (Hardback)
    Giorgio Agamben, Lorenzo ...
    An ancient legend identifies Demon, Chance, Love, and Nec...
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  • Jennifer Summit, Blakey V...
    It is truly an ancient debate: Is it better to be active ...
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  • Rosi Braidotti, Kin Yuen ...
    The volume is inspired by Gilles Deleuze's philosophical ...
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  • On Romantic Love (Paperback)
    Berit Brogaard
    Written with a general audience in mind, On Romantic Love...
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  • Jeffrey Hause
    Applies cutting-edge research and in-depth critical analy...
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  • Anthony J. Celano
    Anthony Celano's study explores how medieval authors reca...
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  • M. V. Dougherty
    This collection of specially commissioned new essays expl...
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  • Be Like the Fox (Paperback)
    Erica Benner
    Was Niccolo Machiavelli really the cynical schemer of leg...
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  • Jonathan Morton
    Examines the complex thirteenth-century poem Roman de la ...
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