Western philosophy: Enlightenment

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  • Joanna Marschner, David B...
    "This publication accompanies the exhibition Enlightened ...
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  • Dennis C. Rasmussen
    The story of the greatest of all philosophical friendship...
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  • Elizabeth S. Goodstein
    Integrating intellectual biography, philosophical interpr...
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  • Andrew Hass
    Why is the philosopher Hegel returning as a potent force ...
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  • Raising Spirits (Hardback)
    J. Barry
    Despite supernatural scepticism, stories about spirits we...
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  • Kelly Sorensen, Diane Wil...
    First essay collection devoted to Kant's faculty of feeli...
  • Geoff Boucher, Henry Marty...
    Rethinking the Enlightenment connects new work in intelle...
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  • Without End (Hardback)
    William S. Allen
    The reputation of the Marquis de Sade is well-founded.
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  • Eric Watkins
    Leading scholars investigate Kant's conception of what a ...
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  • Images of History (Paperback)
    Richard Eldridge
    Human subjects are both formed by historical inheritances...
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  • Dennis C. Rasmussen
    A study of the political theory of the Enlightenment, foc...
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  • Edward Kanterian
    Kant is widely acknowledged as the greatest philosopher o...
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  • Simon Grote
    This new study of eighteenth-century aesthetic theory sit...
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  • Anna Tomaszewska, Hasse H...
    Answers to these and related questions are sought not onl...
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  • The Enlightenment (Paperback)
    Anthony Kenny
    Concise historical introduction to The Enlightenment and ...
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  • Stephen Acreman
    While the enlarged mentality plays a major role in a numb...
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  • Adam Smith (Hardback)
    Eric Schliesser
    Adam Smith was a famous economist and moral philosopher.
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  • Ellen Lockhart
    A study of Italian stage works that reconsiders a crucia...
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