Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge

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  • Edward O. Wilson
    Challenging a purely mechanistic view of human existence,...
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  • Peter G. Boghossian, Micha...
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  • Noson S. Yanofsky
    Many books explain what is known about the universe.
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  • Jonathan Dancy
    Offers the student a well-organized presentation of mater...
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  • John Hyman
    John Hyman explores central problems in philosophy of act...
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  • Self and Other (Paperback)
    Dan Zahavi
    Dan Zahavi engages with classical phenomenology, philosop...
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  • Stuart Shanker, John V. C...
    Wittgenstein's Intentions, first published in 1993, prese...
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  • Paolo Virno, Giuseppina M...
    Translation of: Quando il verbo si fa carne.
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  • Unflattening (Paperback)
    Nick Sousanis
    The primacy of words over images has deep roots in Wester...
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  • Freedom Regained (Paperback)
    Julian Baggini
    A smart, engaging and thought-provoking exploration of th...
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  • Frederic Gros
    In A Philosophy of Walking, a bestseller in France, leadi...
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  • Stig Stenholm
    In both science and philosophy, the twentieth century saw...
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  • John Gray
    Draws together the religious, philosophic and fantastical...
  • Unbelievable (Hardback)
    Graham Ward
    Over the years, our understandings of mind and consciousn...
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  • The Birth of Theory (Paperback)
    Andrew Cole
    Neither Marx nor Nietzsche first gave us theory - Hegel did.
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  • David Wallace
    David Wallace argues that we should take quantum theory s...
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  • Truth (Paperback)
    John D. Caputo
    Explores the many notions of 'truth', and what it really ...
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  • Matthew Chrisman, Duncan ...
    Philosophy for Everyone begins by explaining what philoso...