Philosophy of mind

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  • Philosophy of Mind (Paperback)
    Edward Feser
    In this lively and entertaining introduction to the philo...
    From £7.04
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  • Enduring Time (Paperback)
    Lisa Baraitser
    The ways in which we imagine and experience time are chan...
    From £16.86
    Save £3.13
  • Evolving Enactivism (Hardback)
    Daniel D. Hutto, Erik Myin
    An extended argument that cognitive phenomena--perceiving...
    From £18.69
    Save £8.31
  • Evan Thompson, Stephen Ba...
    Cognitive science joins with Asian contemplative traditio...
    From £19.27
    Save £6.73
  • Self-Constitution (Paperback)
    Christine M. Korsgaard
    Christine M.
    From £16.75
    Save £3.24
  • Spell Of The Sensuous (Paperback)
    David Abram
    From £10.48
    Save £3.52
  • Daniel C. Dennett
    Explores how consciousness has evolved, and how a modern ...
    From £8.32
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  • Stephen Johnson
    BBC music broadcaster Stephen Johnson explores the power ...
    From £10.43
    Save £4.56
  • Living Off Landscape (Paperback)
    Francois Jullien, Pedro R...
    In giving landscape the name 'mountain(s)-water(s)', the ...
    From £16.06
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  • Beyond the Self (Hardback)
    Matthieu Ricard, Wolf Singer
    Converging and diverging views on the mind, the self, con...
    From £18.01
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  • Gary Lachman
    Explores the world of human imagination, and shows how, f...
    From £12.37
    Save £7.63
  • Madness and Modernism (Paperback)
    Louis A. Sass
    Madness and Modernism provides a phenomenological study o...
    From £35.40
    Save £4.59
  • Colin McGinn
    Pithy, direct, and bold: essays that propose new ways to ...
    From £19.91
    Save £7.09
  • Shaun Gallagher
    Enactivist Interventions is an interdisciplinary work tha...
    From £26.04
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  • Michael Lacewing
    Philosophy for A Level is an accessible textbook for the ...
    From £20.55
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  • Hope Without Optimism (Paperback)
    Terry Eagleton
    In a virtuoso display of erudition, thoughtfulness and hu...
    From £9.25
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  • Causal Powers (Hardback)
    Jonathan D. Jacobs
    We use concepts of causal powers and their relatives-disp...
    From £38.08
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  • Christoph Durt, Thomas Fu...
    The first interdisciplinary investigation of the cultural...
    From £30.02
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