Ethics & moral philosophy

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  • Simon O'Sullivan
    This book offers a series of critical commentaries on, an...
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  • Everybody Lies (Hardback)
    Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
    Everybody lies, to friends, lovers, doctors, pollsters - ...
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  • Political Emotions (Paperback)
    Martha C. Nussbaum
    Martha Nussbaum asks: How can we sustain a decent society...
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  • The Far Reaches (Paperback)
    Michael D. Gubser
    This book traces the history of phenomenological ethics a...
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  • Ethics (Paperback)
    Sarah Banks
    Sarah Banks emphasises the importance of reclaiming profe...
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  • The Moral Landscape (Paperback)
    Sam Harris
    Our failure to address questions of meaning and morality ...
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  • Self-Constitution (Paperback)
    Christine M. Korsgaard
    Christine M.
    From £16.73
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  • G. E. M. Anscombe, Mary G...
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  • What is Good? (Paperback)
    A. C. Grayling
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  • Roger Crisp
    This book introduces and assesses Mill's life and the bac...
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  • Andrew Belsey, Professor ...
    All over the world codes of conduct have been proposed fo...
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  • Applied Ethics (Paperback)
    Peter Singer
    The aim of this series is to bring together important rec...
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  • Reasons and Persons (Paperback)
    Derek Parfit
    This book challenges, with several powerful arguments, so...
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  • Aristotle
    From £5.02
  • Dennis C. Rasmussen
    The story of the greatest of all philosophical friendship...
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  • A Jihad for Love (Paperback)
    Mohamed El Bachiri, David ...
    A heartbreaking plea for tolerance and compassion from Mo...
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  • Bennett W. Helm
    Bennett W.
    From £42.13
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  • A Third Collection (Volume 16) (16) (Hardback)
    Bernard Lonergan, Lonergan...
    A Third Collection contains fifteen papers, written betwe...
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