Social & political philosophy

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  • Jonathan Wolff
    The revised edition of this highly successful text provid...
  • Political Emotions (Paperback)
    Martha C. Nussbaum
    Martha Nussbaum asks: How can we sustain a decent society...
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  • Trouble in Paradise (Hardback)
    Prof. Slavoj Zizek
    Setting out to diagnose the condition of global capitalis...
  • The Far Reaches (Paperback)
    Michael D. Gubser
    This book traces the history of phenomenological ethics a...
    From £15.16
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  • DIY Citizenship (Paperback)
    Matt Ratto, Megan Boler, ...
    Today, DIY -- do-it-yourself -- describes more than self-...
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  • William E. Connolly
    Seeking to extend sensitivity to the world's fragilities ...
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  • Free Will (Paperback)
    Sam Harris
    Sam Harris, bestselling author of THE END OF FAITH takes ...
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  • Will Kymlicka
    Providing an introduction to political theory, this book ...
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  • Democracy (Paperback)
    Ricardo Blaug, John Schwa...
    This Reader provides students with a broad range of texts...
  • Havergey (Hardback)
    John Burnside
    John Burnside's examination of place and utopia set on th...
    From £8.64
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  • Nicholas Vrousalis
    Gerald Allan Cohen was Chichele Professor of Social and P...
    From £22.03
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  • The True Life (Paperback)
    Alain Badiou, Susan Spitzer
    'I'm 79 years old.
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  • Utopia for Realists (Hardback)
    Rutger Bregman
    A Sunday Times Bestseller We live in a time of unpreceden...
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  • Family Values (Hardback)
    Melinda Cooper
    Why was the discourse of family values so pivotal to the ...
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  • Tony Fisher, Eve Katsouraki
    This book combines performance analysis with contemporary...
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  • Aristotle's Politics (Paperback)
    Aristotle, Jonathan Barnes...
    Aristotle was the first philosopher in the Western tradit...
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  • Marx's Inferno (Hardback)
    William Clare Roberts
    Marx's Inferno reconstructs the major arguments of Karl M...
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  • Elizabeth S. Goodstein
    Integrating intellectual biography, philosophical interpr...
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