• The Moral Landscape (Paperback)
    Sam Harris
    Our failure to address questions of meaning and morality ...
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  • The Screwtape Letters (Paperback)
    C. S. Lewis
    A milestone in the history of popular theology, 'The Scre...
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  • Entering into Rest (Paperback)
    Oliver O'Donovan
    Oliver O'Donovan's Ethics as Theology project began with ...
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  • Brian Brock, Stanley Haue...
    Stanley Hauerwas is arguably the most well-known figure i...
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  • Solidarity Ethics (Paperback)
    Rebecca Todd Peters
    Rebecca Todd Peters argues for an ethic of solidarity as ...
    From £21.35
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  • Charity (Hardback)
    Gary A. Anderson
    A leading biblical scholar places charity back at the hea...
  • Eric Gregory
    Augustine - for all of his influence on Western culture a...
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  • Sandra Sullivan-Dunbar
    This book engages Christian love theologies, feminist eco...
  • Just Immigration (Paperback)
    Mark R. Amstutz
    Few issues are as complex and controversial as immigratio...
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  • Olli-Pekka Vainio
    Disagreement is inevitable, particularly in our current c...
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  • David Elliot
    This book describes how the theological virtue of hope co...
  • Samuel Wells, Ben Quash, ...
    Introducing Christian Ethics 2e, now thoroughly revised a...
  • Roberto Sirvent
    Arguments in favor of divine impassibility take many form...
    From £17.43
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  • Jewish Justice (Hardback)
    Professor of Re David Novak
    In Jewish Justice David Novak explores the continuing rol...
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  • Catherine Shelley
    This book considers the theory and application of ethics ...
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  • Beth R. Crisp
    This international volume provides a comprehensive accoun...
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  • Pope Francis, Oonagh Stra...
    The Name of God is Mercy, Pope Francis' exploration on th...
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  • John Barton
    This book considers ethical thinking in ancient Israel in...
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