Religious intolerance, persecution & conflict

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  • Knight Hospitaller (Pt.1) (No.33) (Paperback)
    David Nicolle, Christa Hook
    The Knights Hospitaller became a formidable military orde...
    From £7.21
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  • Mohammed Girma, Cristian ...
    Christians living in Muslim-majority states face a diffic...
    From £15.59
    Save £4.40
  • Blood and Faith (Paperback)
    Matt Carr
    A riveting and richly detailed chronicle of what was, by ...
    From £9.75
    Save £3.24
  • Fields of Blood (Hardback)
    Karen Armstrong
    It is the most persistent myth of our time: religion is t...
  • Catherine Leglu, Rebecca ...
    This book brings together a rich and diverse range of med...
    From £29.27
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  • Charitable Hatred (Paperback)
    Alexandra Walsham
    Charitable Hatred presents a challenging new perspective ...
    From £12.83
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  • Margaret R. Greer, Walter ...
    The phrase "the Black Legend" was coined in 1912 by a Spa...
  • John Foxe
    Foxe's Book of Martyrs, streamlined and reorganized for m...
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  • The First Crusade 1096-99 (No.132) (Paperback)
    David Nicolle, Christa Hook
    To many people the crusades were the First Crusade.
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  • Blood Letters (Hardback)
    Lian Xi
    The staggering story of the most influential Chinese poli...
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  • Daniel Philpott, Timothy S...
    The first systematic global study of how Christians respo...
    From £87.80
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  • Two Sisters (Hardback)
    Asne Seierstad
    In October 2013 two teenage sisters left Oslo for Syria.
    From £14.01
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  • Lutzen (Hardback)
    Peter H. Wilson
    The story of Lutzen, one of the most famous battles of t...
    From £12.54
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  • Hunting the Truth (Hardback)
    Beate Klarsfeld, Serge Kl...
    From £17.73
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  • The Catholics (Paperback)
    Roy Hattersley
    The survival of Catholicism in Britain is the triumph of ...
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  • Muriel Schmid
    Discussions of the relationship between religion and viol...
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  • Doctrine and Race (Paperback)
    Mary Beth Swetnam Mathews
    Examines the history of African American Baptists and Met...
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  • Journey into Europe (Hardback)
    Akbar Ahmed
    Over the past decade, the relationship between European a...
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