• W. D. Davies
    From £35.48
    Save £12.52
  • More Than Words (Hardback)
    Hannah Dunnett
    Hannah Dunnett shares the story behind 24 of her pictures...
    From £7.82
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  • God is Good (Paperback)
    Bill Johnson
    From £7.82
    Save £5.17
  • Codex Sinaiticus (Hardback)
    Scot McKendrick, David Pa...
    This collection of scholarly essays constitutes an import...
  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown explores a revolutionary shift in thinking ab...
    From £12.21
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  • Cry of Wonder (Paperback)
    Gerard W. Hughes
    In Cry of Wonder, Gerard W.
    From £9.08
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  • Mere Christianity (Paperback)
    C. S. Lewis
    One of the most popular and beloved introductions to the ...
    From £6.37
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  • Precious Thoughts (Paperback)
    Fiona Gardner
    Spiritual insight and direction from Merton's personal co...
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  • Dave Tomlinson
    Explores how Christianity, once deconstructed, can become...
    From £7.44
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  • Moving Towards Emmaus (Paperback)
    David Smith
    For Christians, the retreat from Jerusalem after the cruc...
    From £6.37
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  • The Dawkins Delusion? (Paperback)
    Alister McGrath, Joanna Co...
    Richard Dawkins' "God Delusion" is the bestselling book.
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  • Christian History (Paperback)
    Diarmaid McCulloch
    Diarmaid MacCulloch provides a factual basis for a thorou...
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  • Marcus J. Borg
    From £7.98
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  • Knight Hospitaller (Pt.1) (No.33) (Paperback)
    David Nicolle, Christa Hook
    The Knights Hospitaller became a formidable military orde...
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  • Abiding Astonishment (Paperback)
    Walter Brueggemann
    This examination of the "Psalms of Historical Recital" re...
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  • Michael Ostling
    This book examines the fairies, demons, and nature spirit...
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  • Crisis of Empire (52) (Paperback)
    Phil Booth
    This book focuses on the attempts of three ascetics--John...
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  • Andrew W. Pitts, Joseph R....
    Paul and the Greco-Roman Philosophical Tradition provides...
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