• Reformation Divided (Hardback)
    Eamon Duffy
    Published to mark the 500th anniversary of the events of ...
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    Save £9.58
  • Henry Chadwick
    Examines the beginning of the Christian movement during t...
    From £8.03
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  • Raymond L. Capra
    The Life of Saint Neilos of Rossano is a snapshot of a di...
    From £15.78
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  • The Popes (Paperback)
    John Julius Norwich
    John Julius Norwich examines the oldest continuing instit...
    From £10.11
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  • Diarmaid MacCulloch
    How did an obscure personality cult come to be the world'...
    From £12.82
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  • Crisis of Empire (52) (Paperback)
    Phil Booth
    This book focuses on the attempts of three ascetics--John...
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  • Kenneth J. Stewart
    An exploration of evangelicalism's relationship with, and...
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  • The Friaries of Medieval London (v. 46) (Hardback)
    Nick Holder
    A lavishly illustrated account of the buildings of the fr...
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  • Invisible Worlds (Paperback)
    Peter Marshall
    How did popular and elite beliefs about the next world, a...
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  • Reformation Myths (Paperback)
    Rodney Stark
    An expose of over-inflated claims about the Reformation a...
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  • Bearing False Witness (Paperback)
    Rodney Stark
    An expose of ten popular misconceptions about the oppress...
    From £8.79
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  • Niketas Siniossoglou
    A groundbreaking approach to late Byzantine intellectual ...
    From £21.60
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  • John Goodall, Paul Barker
    Our parish churches constitute a living patrimony without...
    From £16.14
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  • Strangers Below (Paperback)
    Joshua Guthman
    Before the Bible Belt fastened itself across the US South...
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  • American Apocalypse (Hardback)
    Matthew Avery Sutton
    In the first comprehensive history of American evangelica...
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  • Glen J. Segger, Professor ...
    The English Civil War and its aftermath was a time of hum...
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  • Medieval Church Architecture (718) (Paperback)
    Jon Cannon
    By learning how to identify the stylistic phases that res...
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  • Carter Lindberg
    This revised and expanded volume brings together a carefu...
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