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  • Fathomless Riches (CD-Audio)
    Richard Coles
    The memoir of popular Radio 4 Saturday Live presenter the...
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  • Fathomless Riches (Hardback)
    Richard Coles
    The memoir of popular BBC Radio 4 SATURDAY LIVE presenter...
  • Diary of a Gay Priest (Paperback)
    Rev. Dr. Malcolm Johnson
    Full of anecdotes and amusing stories, but the Church is ...
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  • The Liturgical Commission O...
    Provides all the essential seasonal liturgy for the Chris...
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  • All-age Lectionary Services Year C (Leather / fine binding)
    Lectionary-based service outlines compatible with "Common...
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  • Common Worship: Daily Prayer is a rich collection of devo...
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  • The Sermons (v. 4) (Hardback)
    Laurence Sterne, Melvyn New
    This is a scholarly edition of Laurence Sterne's sermons.
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  • John R. W. Stott, Alec Mo...
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  • Liturgy of the Ordinary (Paperback / softback)
    Tish Harrison Warren
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  • Armand Leon Van Ommen
    Leon van Ommen completed his Ph.D. studies in 2015 at the...
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  • Very Revd Prof. Martyn Percy
    To many people, the Church of England and worldwide Angli...
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  • Out of the Silence (Paperback)
    Terry Waite
    November 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Terry Waite's...
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  • Church Representation Rules is a vital tool for all invol...
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  • Beyond Business as Usual (Paperback / softback)
    Neal O Mitchell
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  • Beating the Boundaries (Paperback / softback)
    Reader in Marin John Spicer
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  • Andrew Meszaros
    It is a historical and a systematic account of tradition,...
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  • Unreal City (Paperback)
    Peter Mullen
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  • Anglican Confirmation (Paperback)
    Revd Dr. Phillip Tovey
    Confirmation was an important part of the life of the eig...
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