Precious metal & precious stones: artworks & design

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  • John Andrew, Derek Styles
    Contains a thorough examination of the designer-silversmi...
    From £43.64
    Save £31.36
  • Beyond Extravagance (Hardback)
    Amin Jaffer
    This spectacular volume reveals for the first time an exc...
  • Art as Jewellery (Hardback)
    Louisa Guinness
    Art as Jewellery is a visually stunning guide to jeweller...
    From £28.52
    Save £16.48
  • Christie's (Hardback)
    Vincent Meylan
    Full access to Christie's archives has been granted, resu...
    From £33.63
    Save £21.37
  • Julia Rai
    Silver metal clay is an accessible, easy to use material ...
    From £6.93
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  • Charles Truman
    The 18th-century gold snuffbox was the ultimate fashion a...
    From £53.87
    Save £46.13
  • Elizabeth Bone
    This authoritative and lusciously illustrated book offers...
    From £9.31
    Save £6.68
  • Steampunk Emporium (Paperback)
    Jema Hewitt
    Let Steampunk Emporium outfit you for the unabashed adven...
  • Beyond the Border (Hardback)
    Tessa Murdoch
    "Beyond the Border" sets the lives and work of Huguenot g...
    From £18.72
    Save £3.78
  • Gemstone Buying Guide (Paperback)
    Renee Newman
  • Impulses (Hardback)
    Gold Silversmith's Tru...
    The Gold and Silversmith's Craft Trust Schwabisch Gmund a...
    From £19.41
    Save £15.59
  • Gemologue (Paperback)
    Liza Urla
    A celebration of jewellery style, this book travels the s...
    From £14.26
    Save £10.74
  • Figures & Faces (Hardback)
    Patrick Mauries
    A glittering collection of jewelry emulating the human fo...
    From £10.32
    Save £6.63
  • Enamelling (Paperback)
    Ruth Ball
    From £11.08
    Save £6.91
  • Diving for Starfish (Hardback)
    Cherie Burns
    From £12.68
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  • Sonia Cheadle
    From £11.61
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  • Functional Jewellry (Paperback)
    Alba Cappellieri
    From £10.44
    Save £4.56
  • Masterpieces in Miniature (3) (Hardback)
    Claudia Wagner, John Boar...
    The creation of miniature intaglios - or incised carvings...
    From £26.71
    Save £13.29