• Isaac Julien (Hardback)
    Isaac Julien, Giuliana Br...
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  • Dagan Phillppe
    This stunning book encompasses more than twenty works det...
    From £43.43
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  • Unexpected Art (Paperback)
    Florentijin Hofman, Christ...
    Graffiti made from cake icing, man-made clouds floating i...
    From £9.77
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  • James Turrell (Hardback)
    Carmen Gimenez, Nat Trotm...
    Encourages a state of reflexive vision, in which one appr...
  • Urban Interventions (Hardback)
    Robert Klanten, S. Ehmann...
    From £24.60
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  • Gianna A. Mina, Roberto B...
    Lawrence Carroll (b.
    From £28.96
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  • Teresita Fernandez (Hardback)
    Teresita Fernandez, Elizab...
    This visually arresting book provides the first complete ...
    From £24.87
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  • Matheus Rocha Pitta (Paperback)
    Bethanien Kunstlerhaus
    Matheus Rocha Pitta has created a new group of works enti...
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  • Frederic Amat_Zootrop (Paperback)
    Frederic Amat
    The volume explored one of the many and varied aspect of ...
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  • Michelangelo Pistoletto, G...
    This monograph explores the origins and impact of Michela...
    From £22.42
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  • Tal R. (Hardback)
    Tal R., Axel Heil, Josef ...
    From £17.83
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  • Madame Tricot (Hardback)
    Dominique Kaehler Schweizer
    A textile art book, brimming with wit and humour. Double...
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  • Chihuly (Hardback)
    Joanna L. Groarke
    Illuminated by Dale Chihuly's mesmerizing glass sculpture...
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  • Sam Durant
    The Meeting House / Build Therefore Your Own World is a f...
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  • Christian Boltanski (Hardback)
    From £11.26
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  • Cristina Lucas (Paperback)
    Sergio Rubira
    A monograph on a modern artist whose work questions the s...
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  • Franz Erhard Walther
    From £24.60
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  • Han Sungpil (Hardback)
    Ilwoo Foundation
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