• Isaac Julien (Hardback)
    Isaac Julien, Giuliana Br...
    Riot is an intellectual biography of artist and fi...
    From £21.04
    Save £13.96
  • Unexpected Art (Paperback)
    Florentijin Hofman, Christ...
    Graffiti made from cake icing, man-made clouds floating i...
    From £9.75
    Save £7.24
  • James Turrell (Hardback)
    Carmen Gimenez, Nat Trotm...
    Encourages a state of reflexive vision, in which one appr...
    From £18.43
    Save £11.57
  • Urban Interventions (Hardback)
    Robert Klanten, S. Ehmann...
    From £24.57
    Save £15.43
  • Alexis Smith (Hardback)
    Anna Stothart
    From £24.75
    Save £23.25
  • Doris Salcedo (Hardback)
    Mary Schneider Enriquez, D...
    A compelling look at Doris Salcedo's works from the past ...
  • Beate Reifenscheid, Andrea...
    The work of the prize winning Peruvian American light art...
    From £15.26
    Save £8.74
  • Sophie Calle (Hardback)
    Sophie Calle, Marie Despl...
    As multi-faceted as the artist herself, this stunningly i...
    From £29.74
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  • Oliver Clegg (Hardback)
    Martin Herbert, Sina Najafi
    Featuring an interview with Sina Najafi, an essay by Mart...
    From £17.45
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  • Paul Etienne Lincoln
    From £21.00
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  • Matias Faldbakken, Karl H...
    From £17.64
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  • Art Installations (Hardback)
    Danielle Krysa
    From £24.57
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  • Monika Grzymala (Hardback)
    Monika Grzymala
    From £22.63
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  • Hetty Bingham
    From £6.23
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  • Dagan Phillppe
    This stunning book encompasses more than twenty works det...
    From £37.98
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  • Mary Weatherford (Hardback)
    Robert Faggen, Katy Siege...
    The first major publication on the much-acclaimed contemp...
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  • Stief Desmet (Hardback)
    Christophe Vekeman, Bruno ...
    From £14.22
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  • Alice M. Greenwald, Michae...
    Published to coincide with the fifteenth anniversary of 9...
    From £21.20
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