• Eric Ravilious (Hardback)
    Brian Webb, Peyton Skipwith
    Eric Ravilious: Design is the latest title in the award w...
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  • Art Deco Tiles (705) (Paperback)
    Hans van Lemmen
    Art Deco was arguably the twentieth century's popular and...
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  • Swarovski (Hardback)
    Nadja Swarovski
    In celebration of Swarovski's 120th anniversary, this is ...
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  • David Burton
    This three-volume collection examines the evolution of th...
    From £131.63
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  • John Britt
    According to Ceramics Monthly, approximately 75 per cent ...
    From £14.96
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  • Edmund de Waal (Hardback)
    Edmund De Waal, Emma Cric...
    The first monograph on this internationally acclaimed art...
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  • Kathleen Standen
    This book is an introduction to the use of additions in c...
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  • Jacqui Atkin
    This is a troubleshooting book filled with tips and handy...
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  • Art Nouveau Tiles (No. 470) (Paperback)
    Hans van Lemmen
    Art Nouveau is characterised by its ornamental curvilinea...
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  • Pattern (Paperback)
    Emma Bridgewater
    The inside stories of Emma Bridgewater's beloved pottery ...
    From £7.42
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  • Morgantina Studies (Volume III) (Hardback)
    Ninina Cuomo Di Caprio
    The kilns at Morgantina, site of the well-known excavatio...
    From £98.49
  • Henry Sandon
    From £9.43
  • Michael G Callaghan, Nina ...
    Sequencing the ceramics in Guatemala's Holmul region has ...
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  • Glass Art (Hardback)
    Barbara Purchia, E. Ashley...
    Over 590 brilliantly detailed photographs capture the wor...
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  • Glass (Hardback)
    Koen Vanderstukken
    Glass: Virtual, Real is a unique publication that explore...
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  • Gingko Press
    While most surveys of contemporary art focus largely on t...
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  • Andrew L. Maske
    Potters and Patrons in Edo Period Japan: Takatori Ware an...
    From £28.17
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  • Alden Cavanaugh, Assoc. Pr...
    During the eighteenth century, porcelain held significant...
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