• Colour in Glazes (Paperback)
    Linda Bloomfield
    A complete guide to achieving a fantastic spectrum of col...
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  • John Norman Miksic, Michae...
    Focusing primarily on the Classical Period (800?1500 CE),...
    From £18.46
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  • David Whiting
    An in-depth study of 24 artists, their work and studios.
  • Grayson Perry (Paperback)
    Grayson Perry, Wendy Jones
    Fantasy took over his life, in a world of battles ruled b...
    From £7.12
    Save £2.87
  • That Continuous Thing (Paperback)
    Sam Thorne, Sara Matson
    That Continuous Thing, a quote from the American artist P...
    From £10.72
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  • Kathleen Standen
    This book is an introduction to the use of additions in c...
    From £12.13
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  • Medieval Tiles (380) (Paperback)
    Hans van Lemmen
    During the Middle Ages decorative floor tiles were used i...
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  • Vessels (Hardback)
    Jennifer Mccurdy
    This is the first book to showcase the work of acclaimed ...
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  • Elisa P. Sani, Justin Rac...
    High Renaissance maiolica, produced in Italy in the orbit...
    From £22.42
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  • Robert T. Singer, Donald K...
    This stunning book features the finest examples of Japane...
    From £22.42
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  • Gabi Dewald, Larry Weinberg
    Photographs of exhibition views show Duo-Meyer's minimila...
    From £22.27
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  • Marcus Milwright
    Islamic art is justly famed for its technological sophist...
    From £60.99
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  • Deco Ceramics (Paperback)
    Claudia Casali
    From £16.86
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  • Rob Higgins, Will Farmer
    Few ceramic tiles are more popular with collectors than t...
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  • Pattern (Paperback)
    Emma Bridgewater
    The inside stories of Emma Bridgewater's beloved pottery ...
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  • Drawing in Space (Paperback)
    Tamzin Mackie
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  • Vincenzo Bellis, Suzanne ...
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  • Rosalie Wise Sharp
    From £47.19
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