• Philip Matyszak
    A guide to the Greek and Roman Myths.
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  • The Gnostic New Age (Hardback)
    April D. DeConick
    Gnosticism is a countercultural spirituality that forever...
    From £21.04
    Save £6.91
  • Helen of Troy (Paperback)
    Bettany Hughes
    As soon as men began to write, they made Helen of Troy th...
  • E. J. Michael Witzel
    Michael Witzel persuasively demonstrates the prehistoric ...
    From £26.15
    Save £4.34
  • Marion Gibson
    This title explores stories of Britain's pagan history.
    From £22.12
    Save £4.87
  • Philip Johnson, Gus DiZer...
    A dialogue between a leading Pagan and a Christian theolo...
    From £9.25
  • A Short History of Myth (1) (Paperback)
    Karen Armstrong
    Karen Armstrong's concise yet compelling investigation in...
    From £7.43
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  • Greek Religion (Paperback)
    Walter Burkert, John Raffan
    This synthesis of Greek religion aims to provide a struct...
    From £23.93
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  • Mu-chou Poo, H. A. Drake,...
    For the first time scholars in the study of early Christi...
    From £64.75
  • The Shaken Path (Paperback)
    Paul Cudby
    A guide to modern Paganism for the for the uninformed.
    From £9.31
    Save £7.68
  • The Ring of Truth (Hardback)
    Wendy Doniger
    In The Ring of Truth, Wendy Doniger expertly unfolds the ...
    From £28.93
  • The Goddess Wisdom (Paperback)
    Ancient civilizations worshipped female deities and women...
    From £5.88
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  • Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos
    This nuanced account explores Maya mythology through the ...
    From £35.48
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  • Brian Molyneaux, David Lew...
    A fully illustrated A-Z reference on the legends of the A...
    From £5.84
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  • Uprooted (Paperback)
    Nina Lyon
    Who, or what, is the Green Man, and why is this medieval ...
    From £5.39
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  • Craige B. Champion
    The Peace of the Gods takes a new approach to the study o...
    From £37.40
  • Susan Brind Morrow
    The Dawning Moon of the Mind is a monumental achievement ...
    From £8.78
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  • The Necronomicon (Hardback)
    Baphomet Giger
    From £12.91
    Save £2.08