Art: financial aspects

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  • Queer Saint (Hardback)
    Adrian Clark, Jeremy Dron...
    From the mystery of his obscure family origins to the eni...
    From £13.64
    Save £11.36
  • The Auctioneer (Paperback)
    Simon de Pury
    In this groundbreaking work, the legendary Simon de Pury ...
    From £6.91
    Save £3.08
  • Rogues' Gallery (Hardback)
    Philip Hook
    Philip Hook takes the lid off the world of art dealing to...
    From £13.64
    Save £6.36
  • Christie's (Hardback)
    Vincent Meylan
    Full access to Christie's archives has been granted, resu...
    From £33.63
    Save £21.37
  • 30 Ways to Turn Your Craft Into Cash (Paperback / softback)
    Suzanne M Robinson
    From £6.89
    Save £2.21
  • Jen Harvie
    This book asks what is the quality of participation in co...
    From £15.59
    Save £4.40
  • Robert Hewison, John Holden
    Leadership has never been more important to the cultural ...
    From £47.00
    Save £13.00
  • Fair Cooperation (3) (Paperback)
    Annika Hampel
    From £26.17
    Save £3.83
  • Japanese Dolls (Hardback)
    Alan Scott Pate
    Japanese Dolls: The Fascinating World of Ningyo, is a we...
    From £14.07
    Save £5.92
  • John D. Jackson, Robert D....
    The Economics of American Art analyzes the most pervasive...
    From £41.79
    Save £6.20
  • Jennifer Sanders
    From ceramic cockatoos and hand-painted china to splendid...
  • Joanna Grabski
    Art World City focuses on contemporary art and artists in...
    From £27.80
    Save £9.20
  • Florian Zollmann
    Prominent media scholars have argued that the disseminati...
    From £25.20
    Save £3.80
  • Charlotte Bonham-Carter
    The book reveals how the `social value of art' may have o...
    From £26.34
    Save £11.65
  • Anna Tietze
    Considers questions of artistic and cultural identity thr...
    From £20.55
    Save £6.95
  • The Arts and Events (Paperback)
    Lee Jolliffe
    Cultural heritage and contemporary arts benefit from bein...
    From £29.71
    Save £7.28
  • Tattooed Millionaire (Paperback / softback)
    Sean Dowdell
    From £13.21
    Save £5.74
  • The Flaherty (Book)
    Patricia R. Zimmermann
    This is the inspiring story of The Flaherty, one of the o...
    From £19.65
    Save £14.35