Decorative arts

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  • John Norman Miksic, Michae...
    Focusing primarily on the Classical Period (800?1500 CE),...
    From £18.46
    Save £11.54
  • Michael Kerrigan
    From £14.73
    Save £5.26
  • Haunted Places (Hardback)
    Robert Grenville
    From £12.56
    Save £7.43
  • Southwold (Hardback)
    Geoffrey Munn
    -A glimpse into the exciting, and often tumultuous, histo...
    From £14.82
    Save £15.13
  • Paint Locker Magic (Hardback)
    Jim Meehan
    A complete history of aircraft special markings and nose ...
    From £15.86
    Save £14.14
  • Things Chinese (Paperback)
    Ronald G. Knapp, Michael ...
    China's art objects and traditionally manufactured produc...
    From £7.34
    Save £4.65
  • Marimekko
    A desirable and definitive volume on the brightly-colored...
    From £13.54
    Save £8.45
  • Melanie Doderer-Winkler
    Examines the spectacular displays created for large-scale...
    From £28.96
    Save £11.04
  • Calista Taylor
    Helps you learn to infuse the popular Steampunk style int...
  • Paul Jackson
    Many designers use folding techniques in their work to ma...
    From £11.88
    Save £8.07
  • Traci Bunkers
    With beautiful illustrations, The Art Journal Workshop br...
    From £9.40
    Save £7.59
  • Damien Koh (Hardback)
    Damien Koh
    Details the work of floral artist/deisgner Damien Koh
    From £20.69
    Save £14.31
  • Alphabets (Hardback)
    David Sacks
    Alphabets: A Miscellany of Letters is a lavish colourful ...
    From £15.65
    Save £9.30
  • Flowers in Love 3 (Hardback)
    Moniek Vanden Berghe
    This book is overflowing with spontanaeity and vision; a ...
    From £14.22
    Save £10.73
  • How To Wrap Five Eggs (Paperback)
    Hideyuki Oka
    From £20.85
    Save £8.15
  • Irish Furniture (Hardback)
    The Knight of Glin, James ...
    Deals with the subject of Irish furniture and woodwork.
    From £47.71
    Save £2.29
  • Tubal Cain
    This book is a thorough and practical discourse on how to...
    From £5.38
    Save £2.57
  • The Culture of Craft (Paperback)
    Peter Dormer
    What role does the craftsman play on the professional lif...