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  • Sa'adyah Gaon (Paperback)
    Robert Brody
    A masterly yet accessible study of an outstanding tenth-c...
    From £13.43
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  • Edmund Campion (Hardback)
    Gerard Kilroy
    Edmund Campion: A Scholarly Life is the response, at long...
    From £66.05
    Save £17.95
  • Stephen J. Shoemaker
    Stephen J.
    From £45.23
    Save £19.77
  • The Way of Paradox (Paperback)
    Cyprian Smith
    This volume provides an introduction to the work of Meist...
    From £7.36
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  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    This is the Archbishop's personal account of his experien...
    From £7.09
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  • David Ownby, Vincent Goos...
    Each chapter of this book offers a biography of a religio...
    From £89.41
  • Moving in the Apostolic (Paperback / softback)
    John Eckhardt, C Wagner
    From £6.83
    Save £4.16
  • 20s/30s Ministry (Paperback)
    Nicholas Lombardo
    This guide offers an adaptable, open-ended model for pari...
  • Brian Mavis, Rick Rusaw
    Mavis and Rusaw set out to answer the question asked of J...
    From £15.04
    Save £3.95
  • A Gift of Love (Paperback)
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    '[He] inspired a generation ...He changed the course of h...
    From £7.09
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  • Paul T. Cohen
    Issues highlighted in the book are the relationship of th...
  • William D. Roozeboom
    Issues of clergy health and well-being are physical issue...
    From £39.92
    Save £13.03
  • A D Wright
    A history of the Papacy covering the vital period from th...
    From £69.29
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  • Ricardo Ramirez, Cardinal ...
    This timely book examines the struggle of Hispanic Cathol...
    From £12.32
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  • Black Knight (Paperback / softback)
    Bobby Lloyd, Steve Gallagher
    From £14.38
    Save £7.57
  • Leadership Fallen (Hardback)
    Brian Griffith
    From £15.49
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  • Ulrich Gabler
    Ulrich Gabler's substantive biographical introduction to ...
    From £12.32
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  • The Caliphate (1) (Hardback)
    Sir Thomas W. Arnold
    This title, first published in 1925, are based on a serie...
    From £69.29
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