• The God Delusion (Paperback)
    Richard Dawkins
    Presenting different arguments for religion, this book de...
  • Gavin Hyman
    Exploring the rise of atheism as an explicit philosophica...
    From £10.41
    Save £4.58
  • Battling the Gods (Paperback)
    Tim Whitmarsh
    How new is atheism?Long before the Enlightenment sowed se...
    From £6.91
    Save £3.08
  • Terry Eagleton
    New observations on the persistence of God in modern time...
    From £8.63
    Save £2.36
  • Waking Up (Hardback)
    Sam Harris
    For the millions of people who want spirituality without ...
  • Gunning for God (Paperback)
    John C. Lennox
    A pithy critique of the New Atheism
    From £6.37
    Save £3.62
  • Atheist Delusions (Paperback)
    David Bentley Hart
    Outlines how Christianity transformed the ancient world i...
    From £11.25
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  • The God Delusion (CD-Audio)
    Richard Dawkins
    The God Delusion caused a sensation when it was published...
  • Dan Barker
    This unique book was originally conceived as a joint pres...
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  • Richard J. Meagher
    In this book, one of the first to take atheism seriously ...
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  • Heavens on Earth (Paperback)
    Michael Shermer
    A fascinating new popular psychology book about how and w...
    From £10.41
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  • Does God Matter? (Hardback)
    Klaas Kraay
    Does God Matter? features eleven original essays written ...
    From £88.15
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  • John R. Shook
    Atheology is the intellectual effort to understand atheis...
    From £88.15
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  • James T. Houk
    From £11.09
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  • Lex Bayer, John P. Figdor
    This book shows that atheism need not only be reactionary...
    From £17.76
  • Lois Lee
    This book is an investigation of what it's like to be 'no...
    From £21.94
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  • There Is No God (Paperback)
    David A. Williamson, Georg...
    There is No God: Atheists in America answers several ques...
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  • Modern Madness (Paperback)
    Ross Adamson
    From £7.44
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